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Porush Appoints Ex-J-m Mayoral Candidate Deitch As Meron Project Manager

Jerusalem and Heritage Minister Meir Porush on Wednesday appointed Yossi Deitch as the project manager of the Rashbi event at Meron for 2023.

Deitch, who ran as a candidate for Jerusalem mayor in 2018, will work in cooperation with all relevant parties to coordinate Lag B’Omer at Meron under the authority of Porush.

In the coming weeks, a Meron Directorate will be established at the Jerusalem and Heritage Ministry. Meanwhile, Deitch will begin his work immediately to prepare for this year’s event – only several months away.

Detich served for 16 years as a member of the Jerusalem City Council, including ten years as deputy and acting mayor. As part of his position, he directed huge events for the Chareidi and general sectors in Jerusalem and worked with various government authorities in his many public roles.

As YWN reported, Porush was authorized last month to oversee the Lag B’Omer event at Meron, an appointment that forced him to accept the title of minister rather than deputy minister, as he preferred. The members of the state commission of inquiry into the Meron disaster had determined that only a minister can have authority over Meron.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Why wouldn’t they appoint an experienced engineer or public safety expert rather than some politician who will try to accommodate the preferences of the various chassidus, religous tzionists, and other groups that want their own bonfires. I guess they still haven’t learned from the tragedy.

  2. gadol they are learning from the tragedy
    Meron 2021 happened in part because ‘experienced engineers’, bloody police and dumb chilonim were in charge

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