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10 DEAD, 102 WOUNDED: Heavy Gun Battle In Shechem: IDF Surround Home Of Terror Suspects

In a rare daytime operation, Israeli security forces, including IDF soldiers, Yamam counterterrorism officers, and Shin Bet operatives, raided the Old City of Shechem a little after 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

The security forces surrounded the home of two wanted suspects from the terror cell that killed Ido Baruch, h’yd and were involved in additional attacks.

Heavy clashes broke out and a fierce hours-long gun battle ensued, with dozens of armed Palestinians on the roofs of buildings firing non-stop at Israeli security forces, and Palestinians on nearby streets hurling explosives, rocks, and other objects.

As part of the “pressure cooker” procedure used by Israeli security forces, a missile was fired at the home of the suspects and smoke was seen rising from the area. However, the terrorists refused to surrender and Israeli forces then opened massive fire at the home.

Ten terrorists were reportedly killed and 102 Palestinians were injured, seven seriously, during the operation.

B’Chasdei Hashem, no casualties or injuries were reported among Israeli forces.

The raid was carried out following information provided by the Shin Bet on the whereabouts of the two wanted Palestinians.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. At some point, you take off the gloves and say “the hell with world opinion”. This is one of those times but someone needs to keep the U.S. updated on the limits of the response since U.S. dollars and weapons are essential going forward. Hopefully, the Administration will just shut up and allow the left-wing crazies to vent.

  2. The 10 sons of Haman??? On Rosh Chodesh Adar!!!

    Baruch Hashem no casualties on our side! And the stupid world wants us to negotiate with these wild boars! They’re swines! Contaminated swines!

  3. Question
    1) Who is paying for all the bullet and deadly weapons?

    2) How are they bringing in all these ammunitions?

    3) Why is Israeli government allowing the terror thrive in Israel? Are they arming the terrorists like they did Hamas?

  4. you really believe that 10 TERRORIST were killed? no civilians? who confirmed those were indeed TERRORIST? Take it with a grain of salt.

  5. If one believes such operation will make Israel safer is in dream-land! There are thousands waiting to become marters. these people ARE oppressed (perhaps rightfully) and this will only bring them to act out. This may be good for some politician that wants to show some toughness.

  6. To The Judge: Any loss of life is sad. We are not living in Biblical times. I hope and pray Israel can successfully arrest suspects without casualties. And they should arrest any terrorists and sentence them to prison.

  7. We Yidden are Rachmonim, we do not wish for the suffering of anybody, even those that attempt to kill us.
    We simply want them to be harmless and unable to continue attacking us.
    (Although admittedly there is an advantage when they die, seeing how many of them manage to organise terror from behind prison walls, and how many are set free and then commit more terror).

  8. I’m sure the “moderate” Arab “Palestinian” leader, Holocaust diminisgmher Abu Mazen, calls, eliminating dangerous murderers plotting to kill, as a “massacre”.

  9. Jack596,

    Yes, one Palestinian civilian was killed (likely after attacking, as is usually the case in these stories), but that’s the price they pay for terrorism. If you want to empathize with them, your on the wrong news site….

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