Netanyahu At The Yaniv Shiva: “If They Could, They Would Murder Us All”

PM Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara are menachem avel the Yaniv family. (Photo: Roi Chadi)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara on Thursday traveled to the yishuv of Har Bracha to pay a shiva visit to the Yaniv family, whose two sons, h’yd, were murdered in a terror attack in Huwara on Sunday.

Netanyahu told the bereaved mother: “You speak from your heart’s blood. Eretz Yisrael is acquired with suffering, there’s no greater suffering than this.”

“This abominable murder – if they could they would kill us all, until the last one. They want to uproot us from our homeland. We need to deepen our roots, our settlement, and ultimately, this is a battle we will win. Look at what was here 50 years ago and what we have here today. What you went through in Gush Katif – we have to do the opposite, not to uproot but to build.”

Netanyahu gives a bracha to Tzur Yaniv, younger brother of the kedoshim. (Photo: Roi Chadi)

The father of the kedoshim said to Netanyahu: “We need your support in Har Bracha, in the Shomron. If there’s something that will comfort us that our sons didn’t fall in vain, it will be to see that Eretz Yisrael is truly being built.”

The sister of the kedoshim asked Netanyahu to take action in matters of security: “I live here and I’ll continue to live here no matter what. We’ll continue to drive but we only ask to drive safely. Arabs threw stones at me three times this month. It’s impossible to continue like this. Why are so many families victims of terror? Something must be done here. We have a wonderful community here who drive every day through Huwara [Route 60, a main road, passes through the town]. We’ll continue to drive through it because it’s our road but we need deterrence. I’m crying out from my heart. This situation can’t continue, it’s impossible. It’s the blood my brothers, of all of Am Yisrael.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. No brachah comes from that man, only klalah. Really and truly, the regime is responsible for their loss. It incited the Arab that killed. The recent wave of terrorism resulted from the regime covertly kicking the hornet’s nest of Arabs, all to get dumb Yiddin to rally round the polyester flag and as a diversion from the vax depop conspiracy for which Bibi shamelessly shilled. And to bring up Gush Katif. The nerve of that man. Anyway, Sara’s hair looks absolutely fabulous. Was totally worth the armed escort clearing out the street to the hair salon. The nerve of these people. The level of shameless exploitation is unfathomable. They’d literally kill a kid for the photo op to hug his grieving family.

  2. From PM mouth.
    It’s the Jews like Lapid and Gantz who are encouraging the Anarchist to start a civil war.
    Iran and Hizbullah and EU and Neo Nazi and State Department could just seat back and watch the elite Jews LapidOlmert do their dirty jobs for them. So says Nasrrolah

  3. I lived in Yisroel for a decade. I don’t live there anymore because I was unfortunate to see the people they keep tortured on closed facilities, electrocuted and chemically lobotomized to the point of being zombies.