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TRAGEDY UPON TRAGEDY: 2 More Jewish Children Die From Phoenix Fire, Bringing Death Toll to 5

Two Jewish children who were critically hurt in a blaze that claimed the life of their father and two siblings last week, were tragically niftar over Shabbos.

9-year-old Shevach Boyer and 11-year-old Tamar Boyer were hospitalized in “extremely critical condition” on Wednesday night after a fire tore through the family’s condo near 35th and Northern avenues in Phoenix, killing their father, Shlomo z”l, and two brothers – 7-year-old Dov Ber and 8-year-old Nachman z”l.

“He (Shimon) put everything he could into those kids, everything he could do, every waking moment was focused on his kids,” an uncle said. “There are no words, there are no words.”

“Each person is a flame and each person has something to offer the world,” he added, noting that the children had special needs.

A GoFundMe has been set up to assist the family with kevurah expenses.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. My heart bleeds every time I hear about children dying in a fire because it can be prevented most of the time with working smoke alarms.
    Please check your smoke alarms, and go to they are retractable Fire Escape Ladder’s house people get out of their house fast

  2. Aharon mezei
    What a terrible thing to say!! You think this is about smoke alarms?? Moreover if they had working smoke alarms you would have more sympathy?? Or less sympathy?? Besides who says they didn’t have smoke alarms?? Totally warped thinking. Bad middos

  3. ANON21- Why is it a terrible thing to say? He’s right. There were other articles that said there were NO smoke alarms in the condo. He’s not placing blame ch”v,, he is just saying that many times it can be prevented- this is not about more or less sympathy. It’s a horrible horrible tragedy no matter how you look at it. But he is trying to bring awareness to others so ch”v it shouldn’t happen to anyone else. It’s a modicum of hishtadlus. I put smoke alarms in my house after reading about one of these terrible tragedies. The more ppl. who take the lesson to heart the better.

  4. I have inside information that they died in their sleep and they did have smoke alarms. They died in his sleep. It’s very simple If you don’t have smoke alarms, your life is not worth a penny.

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