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CHARM CITY: Antisemites Go On Hate Spree in Baltimore; Law Enforcement and Shomrim Investigating

Multiple Orthodox Jewish residents in Baltimore were harassed and verbally assaulted in the Pickwick Apartments neighborhood this past Shabbos.

Witnesses said that individuals in a dark-colored Chevrolet Cruze approached members of the Jewish community near shuls and began spewing anti-Semitic statements at them while also demanding money.

When alerted to the incidents, Baltimore Shomrim immediately informed law enforcement, who responded to the general area and are now investigating the incidents. Shomrim’s Community Watch Camera project captured some of these incidents and has supplied relevant footage to law enforcement to assist in identifying those responsible.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of one of these or similar incidents, please contact Shomrim immediately. Please be on the lookout for vehicles matching the description noted. If you identify the vehicle in question, use extreme caution, do not approach the vehicle, and contact Shomrim 410-358-9999 and 911 immediately.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

7 Responses

  1. Alll directed by the Democratic Party….the Bidenites….or the Obamaites…either way….Hashem wants us home….in Israel … safe this Purim

  2. Please change your headline to the correct name for Baltimore….it is known as Harm City. Let’s keep voting in the same dreck!!

  3. We do have a legal loop hole how to stop all these harassments and assaults.
    The generation of King Achav-mostly not Frum-but they were all very friendly with each other-Satmar-Lubavitch, Chasidei Gur-Ashkenaz-Sefard-not Frum- half Frum-Frum-everyone got truly along with each other.
    I simply named a few but I mean all Chassidim and all Yidden whatever level they are holding by.

  4. Avraham, they got along with each other?! Really?! Are you out of your mind? NO, they did not get along with each other! Izevel killed the nevi’im, Eliyahu killed the Baal priests, they were literally spilling each other’s blood, and you say they got along?! The only advantage that generation had, was that they had no mossrim among them. There was no especial ahavas yisroel, but mossrim they weren’t.

  5. Really,
    One car yells at people and you call it
    ” Antisemites Go On Hate Spree in Baltimore”

    When you overdramatize a nothing, you are damaging your own readership and level of reporting

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