Details Of The Neis: He Got On The Bus In Jerusalem, Activated Device In Beitar & Fled

Security forces in Beitar Illit. (L.); The terrorist is arrested in the Palestinian village of Battir. (R.)

As the Shin Bet continues its investigation of the attempted bus bombing attack in Beitar Illit, new details are emerging about the neis of the averted disaster in the Chareidi city.

According to a preliminary investigation, the terrorist, who was arrested along with four additional suspects over Shabbos, boarded a bus to Beitar Illit holding an improvised explosive device in the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem. During the ride to Beitar, he placed the device on the bus, got off at one of the stops in the city, and activated the charger from his cell phone. B’Chasdei Hashem, the device exploded only partially, preventing a mass disaster.

Meanwhile, the terrorist boarded another bus toward Jerusalem and got off at a bus stop where a car with his accomplices was waiting for him. He was driven from there to the village of Battir, about five kilometers from Beis Lechem, where he was found and arrested on Shabbos by Israeli security forces.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)