Flying to Israel? Get Vaccinated for Polio, NY Health Department Urges


The New York Department of Health is urging residents to receive polio vaccinations prior to traveling to Israel, where several children have tested positive for the virus. The call for vaccination comes after four cases of polio were diagnosed in the city of Tzfas earlier this month, one year after a small outbreak in the country.

The New York Health Department has been working with their Israeli counterparts to coordinate a response, and advises travelers to adhere to guidelines from the US Center for Disease Control.

In addition to Israel, the CDC has issued polio-related precautions for travel to several other countries, including the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, and several central African countries.

Polio is a viral disease that mostly affects children and can cause disability, paralysis, and death. Although polio vaccinations are now standard for children and an effective preventive measure, vaccine skepticism has allowed the disease to occasionally resurface.

A 2018 outbreak in Israel prompted a vaccination campaign to combat the disease, which had been declared eradicated in 1988.

Israel’s Health Ministry recently stated that over 150,000 Israeli children remain unvaccinated against polio, citing evidence of the virus spreading through sewage systems.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Polio symptomes back in the day were caused mostly by DDT poisoining. No evidence of an isolated polio virus or any virus. No evidence of the efficacy of any vaccine. Please read the 2022 book Turtles All the Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth and its citations before insulting me.

  2. Also, sidepoint, the chesed fund for the Elefant family has raised close to 2 million already, which, sorry to say is an obscene amount and a misprioritization. If you all spend all your tzeddakah money on this one apparently especially beloved family, you will not have any funds for any of the innumerable sudden vax deaths that you can reasonably expect in the coming years. If you’re vaxed and the head of a household, gett a life insurance policy.

  3. Anti-vaxxers are a grave threat to themselves, me, the Jews and the rest of the world. The obligation to vax was established in the US by the US Supreme Court in 1905.

  4. What will all the anti-vaxxers say when they are called up to give a din v’cheshbon (for themselves and for others)?

    At least those who vaccinated will be able to say they followed the advice of their doctors.

  5. I’m not convinced that huju and tam are real people. Probably bots. There’s a regulatory capture issue in medicine. There’s also a global depopulation conspiracy. Allopathic medicine has been corrupt since Rockefellers began their influence. Read the 2022 book Turtles All the Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth before you comment. Or, read the book by Dr. Andrew Moulden Every Vaccine Produces Harm. Or, if you’re not into reading, watch his three-part documentary series Tolerance Lost on Bitchute. There’s a reason Dr. Moulden’s life was cut short, and it was because he was speaking truth on this very serious issue. Or, if you don’t mind the author, you could read Murder by Injection by Eustace Mullins, who lived a very difficult life for speaking truth that was inconvenient for the powers that be. Or, tam, better yet, why don’t you get your doctor to read a book? He probably won’t because his career depends on his maintenance of ignorance. You are hopeless if you think following the advice of your doc keeps you from a bad judgement. Maybe go read Rambam Hilchos Rotzeach uShmiras HaNefesh perek 12 halachah 9 and bear in mind that even if you have a frum doctor, he got all his information about vaccines from a kofer or akum.

  6. coffee addict, the book was written by a group of intelligent Israelis who would like to remain anonymous, knowing that spreading truth on this issue is dangerous because so much is invested in keeping the racket going. Steve Kirsch was offering $1000 to anyone who could find a single mistake in the book, still no takers. It’s not a religious book, and how dare you insult me. I am trying to save people from harm. I AM TRYING TO PROVIDE YOU WITH THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO AVOID HARM TO YOURSELF AND CHILDREN. You want to maintain ignorance from the harm and to attack the character of those trying to save others from harm. You’re a mazik. I’m glad I don’t share any community with you.

  7. You know what? You’re right. I’m just a Shmendrick. Please disregard what I have to say. My religion is anti-vax Rambam or something Turtles All the Way Down. Yours is the faith, the One True Science. So, go take your vaccines. In all seriousness, you live in an Ir Nidachas, so I encourage you and your fellows to keep on vaxing out.

  8. This is literally hilarious.. have you guys not yet learned that you have to read the information itself?

    Some. Facts….. Okay so the CDC clearly states on its website that IPV standing for inactive polio vaccine that is given to the United States population does not protect against the OPV (ORAL POLIO V.) strains meaning the oral polio vaccine which is given in other European countries.

    So supposed to go to Israel and I’m vaccinated with the ipv, how does that protect me from the opv strain? Why would it even bother taking exact vaccine?

  9. Schmendrick speaks the truth.
    Besides ‘Turtles All the Way Down’ and other good resources he mentioned, Dr. Pinchos Benjamin Sandler wrote a best-selling book in the late 1940s called ‘The Polio Diet’. Staying away from sugar (white, processed sugar in particular) and a diet high in starchy carbohydrates. This will help the bodily defenses against polio.

    DDT was also a major culprit in polio. The many pesticides still being used, not only glyphosate (the generic name of these gut-weakening chemicals similar to Bayer/Monsanto’s ‘Roundup’) also weaken the immune system and should be outlawed as well. Stay away from Rockefeller-based medical practitioners as well. Their ‘germ-theory’ as causative of disease is menacing to true health.

  10. Indeed, the Rambam might be anti-vax. I went through all his writing in Ivrit, Aramaic, Arabic, Spanish, and English – and did not find one comment where he recommends vaccinations.

    He does recommend though to listen to your doctor, whether his information comes from a yehudi or an akum.

  11. Since NYH/FDA/CDC have repeatedly lied and can no longer be trusted, it’s incumbent upon us to become educated regarding different types vaccination. I don’t mean just picking a book of “Turtles ATWD” as abovementioned. (The c19 shots should not even be in the category of vaccination, biggest lie right there.)

    Learn about the differences between (N.America’s) IPV and (Israel’s) OPV and its flaws such as “vaccine-induced polio”.
    nature[dot]com /articles / nm0108-9
    …has the paper for download.

  12. To schmendrick, aptly named: I don’t know how to show you that I am not a bot, but I am not a bot. Maybe a schmendrick, but definitely not a bot.

  13. So much for the histrionics. Now lets get down to business.

    huju and tam – no doubt y’all are firm believers in the NIH-affiliated PubMed. Given that, may I recommend that you research:

    PubMed: Nurse Irene Shea studies the “Kenny method” of treatment of infantile paralysis, 1942-1943

    Disregard the static on there about “vaccination”. Instead, research everything online related to Sister Kenny vis-a-vis polio.

    Then maybe, just maybe, you’ll become a tad less frightened by the “P” words.
    “P” as in “polio” & “paralysis” (but discounting “Putin”)

  14. I have not read “Turtles All the Way Down “, but there is an excellent book about turtles all the way up, called “Yertle the Turtle”, by Dr. Seuss. I am sure it is more worthwhile to read than the turtle book you recommend.