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Why Did Israel’s DM Hold Secret Meetings In The Wake Of The Bombing?

In the wake of the terror attack in northern Israel on Monday that seriously injured an Arab from northern Israel, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant held several situational assessments on Tuesday about the security situation with the chiefs of the IDF and Shin Bet and other senior security officials.

A message released by Gallant’s office did not provide details about the meetings, stating: “The various security officials presented Minister Gallant with initial findings from inquiries into the incidents.”

However, Kan News reported on Tuesday evening that the explosive device placed on the side of the road near the Megiddo Junction was an extremely sophisticated and deadly bomb, the likes of which haven’t been seen in the past. If a vehicle with a large number of passengers would have passed by when it exploded, there could have been a mass disaster, chalilah.

Security officials have not revealed further details, such as who was responsible for placing the device. The incident followed the recent attempted bombing of a bus in Beitar, that b’chasdei Hashem failed to succeed and the double bombings in Jerusalem in November that killed Aryeh Schupak h’yd and Tadesa Tshuma, hy’d.

According to a Channel 12 News report, security officials are concerned about the implications of the highly sophisticated bomb used in the attack on Monday, fearing that there will be a return to the days of roadside and bus bombings, chalilah – which could lead to a higher number of casualties than shooting attacks.

Illustrative. Police forces at the scene of one of the Jerusalem double bombings in November 2022, which killed two. (Israel Police)

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Did he mention that Netanyahu and likud supplied the ammunition to the terrorists or that maybe the Democratic process was in danger because the terrorist was from Jerusalem with Peyos and was wearing religious garments?
    Oh no he didn’t because the EU and US didn’t donate money to anarchist to say that.
    They are just digging up a big hole for violent Anarchist to shoot Jews jus as Ben Gourion ordered Jews shot.

    This is a cleansing israel of Jewish gangs who had control over the land.
    Whoever doesn’t like it is free to move to a state of democracy called NYC.
    Gay-Guzunt you find Soros and many of your kind.

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