Undercover Officers Raid Simcha Hall In Mea Shearim, Arrest Minor

Police officers at the scene of a protest in December 2022 at which a Chareidi woman was seriously injured. (Israel Police)

Undercover police officers on Motzei Shabbos raided a simcha hall in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem and arrested a minor who was allegedly involved in seriously injuring a Chareidi woman during a protest in the Geulah area in December 2022.

The police have been searching for the 15-year-old suspect for several months.

Shortly after the incident, the police arrested two suspects, an adult and a minor. Both were indicted for a number of charges and their trial is ongoing.

The injured woman, Mirel Duzlovosky, 40, a mother of 11 children including a nursing baby, was sedated and ventilated in the ICU for almost three weeks, but chasdei Hashem, eventually recovered.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Why is police investing so much time in this?
    What happened to her?
    Were they trying to harming the lady?
    I truly don’t know.

    I do know billions are being spent to destroy Israel.

    You know fanciest and anarchist being handed out uniform Israeli flags and bunch of money to bring about civil war. ?
    Is there any police left investigating the people who called for blood to be shed? What Lapid did in EU and Us with Reform movement and become BDS That’s called sedation.
    Tel Aviv mayor and convicted criminal Olmert and many more. are they Going to be investigated or the Supreme Court Elouhai is going to let AG “recommend” to let them go?

  2. Reiven: Read what happened before you post your dismissive comments: This was the report :- The Chareidi woman who was seriously injured during a protest last week remains in serious condition on Motzei Shabbos. According to a statement from Shaarei Tzedek Hospital, there has been no change in her condition and she is still sedated and ventilated in the ICU.

    The woman that was injured is Mirel Duzlovosky, a mother of 11 children. She and her family are members of the Karliner chassidus in Yerushalayim.

    A preliminary investigation revealed that the woman was actually injured by a group of youths after the protest was already over, Kikar H’Shabbat reported on Motzei Shabbos. The youths had gathered on Rechov Rabbeinu Gershom, near Rechov Yechezkel, where the protest had begun and turned over the garbage dumpster in order to block the road. While doing so, they lost control of the dumpster and it hit the woman and crushed her against a wall, seriously injuring her.

    The news of the woman’s injury reached the police a few hours after the incident happened and they immediately launched an investigation. As of Motzei Shabbos, the identity of the suspects are still unknown to the police.

    The family has asked the public to daven for the refuah sheleimah of Mirel bas Rochel Leah b’toch shaar cholei Yisrael.

  3. Reiven, you do make some good points but, with all due respect, these thugs need to be caught and punished. Sadly their punishment is going to be celebrated with glee by those who hate Chareidim but this crime cannot go by. These kids do all kinds of mischief that hurt the rest of the population an hide in Shuls etc. It must be stopped. And that’s not to minimize your points: they are very poignant and valid.

  4. Israeli police hunted down someone suspected of egregious assautl on Chareidi woman. I would like to hear from the commenters, and YWN editors, who think the Israeli police don’t protect the Chareidim.

  5. public safety is a priority. however, the injury was obviously an accident. notwithstanding carelessness and stupidity must be punished to prevent future occurance.

  6. @147
    This was an accident. A stupid and vile accident. But an accident.
    Yes they should be held accountable. For DAMAGES both to person and property.
    But did you see the article about how the woman was mochel them?

    But what you prescribed is just heinous.

    @147 do all decent people a favor and shut up.
    Every time something happens here, whether you are on the correct side or incorrect side, you interject with vile and disgusting comments. Your solution to everything is something out of a nazi textbook on chinuch.

    As a fellow Yid (assuming), You are my brother, or sister.
    And I DO care about you.
    But you need serious restructuring of your ideas, and can probably use professional help.
    This is not meant as an insult. I am simply saying what is evident from your comments.
    So, please, till you get that help. Just be silent.

  7. @ HUJU
    no, unfortunately a majority of them hate chareidim.
    This has nothing to do with helping the chareidi woman AS SHE HAS ALREADY PUBLICLY STATED SHE HOLDS THEM NO GRUDGE.
    This is is unfortunately just another example of going after chareidim, minors no less, just like alvinn bragg goes after trump but lets looters off the hook.

  8. @ Loyal jew
    There was no homicide.
    Maybe reckless endangerment.

    @ refoel Moishe, Rieven is right
    This happened in mid December.
    The woman and her family said clearly that while what the protesters did was very wrong, they did not intend what happened, and IT IS BEING USED TO SMEAR CHAREIDIM IN GENERAL!


  9. “This is is unfortunately just another example of going after chareidim, minors no less, just like alvinn bragg goes after trump but lets looters off the hook.”
    You win the competition for the dumbest post of the week.
    This hooligan nearly killed someone and its up to the courts to decide if it was “accidental’. Also, whether she was “mochel” him or not is irrelevant to to the prosecution of this type of crime, although it may be considered as a mitigating factor in sentencing if he is found guilty.

  10. @Gadolhadora
    “its up to the courts to decide if its accidental”.
    Really? I thought whether or not its accidental depends on, um… whether or not its accidental!
    But I must not be on your level of sophistication! Thank you for straightening that out!

    Just going to point out how yet again, you are seemingly incapable of having civil conversation, based on the merits, without engaging in pettiness to make your point.
    Quite ironic for a guy for whom most of his comments the past few years were about the pettiness and crassness of a certain past president.