UK Graduate Wins Settlement After Uni Fails Essay For Not Blaming Israel

The Roger Stevens Building at the University of Leeds (Photo: University of Leeds/Wikimedia Commons)

A Jewish graduate of Leeds University in the UK reached a “commercial settlement” with the university for failing her essay because she didn’t condemn Israel for the crimes of Hamas.

Danielle Greyman will be compensated for an undisclosed sum – “an offer without any admission of liability” – by the university.

Greyman, who filed a lawsuit against the university in August, was assisted by the UK Lawyers For Israel (UKLFI) Charitable Trust, The Jewish Chronicle reported.

Following the settlement, Greyman said: “I am grateful for the support that UKLFI and the wider Jewish community has provided, and I hope this encourages other students to take action against institutions that do not uphold their responsibility of ensuring academic freedom and fair marking. That said, I am disappointed by the waste of resources that went into dealing with the issue.

“If the university had simply apologized at the outset, corrected the marking, and offered antisemitism training to staff, I would have felt greatly satisfied.

“Instead, they failed to confirm that I was entitled to the degree until it was too late, and made me wait six months before hearing my appeal, and then a further six months for the re-marking. This has been a long and draining process, but it is necessary that large institutions know that they will be held accountable.”

When Greyman was a student at the university, her essay about Hamas’s crimes against Palestinians failed because she didn’t place the blame on Israel. Greyman, who had never before failed an essay at the university, appealed and an external examiner recommended that the essay receive a passing grade. However, since the result of the appeal was only received almost a year later, she lost her place in a Master’s course at Glasgow University.

She subsequently sued the university for negligence, discrimination, and victimization.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Welcome to The spring of 2023 in the United Kingdom. As a UK born and raised, religious Jew, I am disgusted at the attitude of this University.
    I think it’s time to consider turning off the lights and getting out of here.
    The antisemitism is so blatant…