HUGE FOR YESHIVAS: Florida Lawmakers Vote to Massively Expand Tuition Vouchers for Private Schools


Republicans in the Florida House on Friday passed a “universal school choice” bill which, if enacted, would expand Florida’s school voucher program, making all students eligible to receive state funds for private tuition.

It is the largest expansion of the program since its establishment under former Governor Jeb Bush. The bill, also known as HB1, is the largest expansion of the progam since its establishment under former Gov. Jeb Bush, and would eliminate the low-income requirements of the Family Empowerment Scholarship, allowing any public school-eligible student to apply. However, low-income families will still receive priority.

Moreover, families who choose to homeschool their children can also receive state funds for things such as online lessons or private tutoring.

“The Florida model factors in the unique learning needs of every child to deliver education by empowering parents and students to choose the best way to achieve their educational goals, regardless of zip code, race, or income,” said House Speaker Paul Renner.

Agudath Israel hailed the bill’s passage in a statement.

“Today’s progress in the House is extremely encouraging, and an exciting move in right direction. We are hopeful that this bill will continue to move forward, culminating with the expansion of the school choice program to all children,” the Agudah said.

“When, Be’ezras Hashem, this legislation becomes law, every single child from K-12 in Florida will qualify for a scholarship that will be worth approximately $8,000, with no income eligibility requirements. The bill will also eliminate the waiting list for the Unique Abilities Scholarship.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. They need to remember that he who pays the fiddler calls the tune. It is inevitable the government money comes with government control, and one can not be assured that such control will be to our liking.

  2. Hopefully, the Florida legislation will get approved and many other states will enact similar laws so day schools nationwide will get proper funding.