Tens of Thousands Expected At Atzeres Tefillah in Lower Manhattan from Tri-State Area and Beyond


kk1A broad spectrum of American Kehillos are participating in the Atzeres Tefillah which will take place on the streets of Lower Manhattan this Sunday.

The gathering will echo last week’s huge atzeres tefilla in Yerushalyim, which brought out hundreds of thousands of Jews in response to the Israeli government’s ongoing attempt at social engineering of the charedi community, including wholesale conscription of bnei yeshiva.

Kol Korei has been released (see below) signed by dozens of prominent Admoirim, Roshei Yeshiva and Rabbonim representing a broad spectrum of thechareidi tzibbur, urging attendance at this massive Atzeres.

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The New York asifa will take place on Water Street in lower Manhattan – between Fulton Street and Broad Street – this Sunday, 7 Adar Sheni (March 9) at 2:00 p.m. It will begin with Mincha and followed by Tehillim and tefillos b’Tzibbur, led by Gedolei Yisroel. A special area for women is also being arranged.

The podium where the shaliach tzibbur will stand will be on the corner of Water Street and Old Slip (midway between Broad Street and Wall Street).

In anticipation and preparation of the Atzeres Tefilla, a Teleconference outlining the background and purpose of the Atzeres Tefilla, the participating Kehillosand Yeshivos, as well as the details regarding the logistics of the day’s events was held Thursday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. Several thousand callers participated in the teleconference. A full audio of the teleconference can be accessed by dialing

New York residents are being urged to take public transportation to the site, which is well serviced by the subway system with many subway lines stopping in the area. Organizers urge participants not to drive into Manhattan for the gathering. This applies as well to individuals driving in from points outside the city, who should park in Brooklyn or New Jersey and take a train into Manhattan.

Buses are expected to bring participants from communities outside the immediate New York area, including Baltimore, Philadelphia, upstate New York, Orange, Sullivan and Rockland counties, Lakewood, and other New Jersey communities.

The weather Sunday is predicted to be milder than what the East Coast is experiencing this week, with Accuweather forecasting temperatures in the mid 40’s with calm winds.

There will be a significant security presence in the area, and the NYPD will conduct periodic sweeps before the event. Most major streets in the area will be closed to vehicular traffic and all participants will have to go through a security check before being allowed in. Organizers ask that attendees not bring knapsacks, briefcases or packages in order to keep lines flowing.

Hatzolah and Shomrim will be on hand.

In order to maintain the decorum and dignity of the Atzeres, participants are urged NOT to bring signs, banners or placards.



  • This Sunday, March 9 / 7 Adar Sheni.
  • Lower Manhattan – Water Street between Broad Street and Peck Slip (near the Brooklyn Bridge).
  • Separate Areas for Men and Women:
    • o   Men: Water Street between Broad Street and Fulton Street.
    • o   Women: Water Street between Fulton Street and Peck Slip.
  • Atzeres begins at 2:00 p.m., estimated duration 90 minutes.
  • The Atzeres will consist of Mincha, Tehillim and tefillos b’Tzibbur, ending with Ol Malchus Shomayim, led by Gedolei Yisroel.
  • Participants are advised to bring a Siddur/Tehillim.


  1. I looked at a subway map, which shows several close stops: 2 & 3 to Wall Street, 1 & 9 to South Ferry, R & W to Whitehall, 4 & 5 to Bowling Green, A,C.2,3,4,5 to Fulton, J, M & Z to Broad Street. But please check with the MTA whether they stop on Sunday. I’m guessing that once you’re on the subway, you can just follow the oilem. I know Lubavitch & YU people who plan on attending.

  2. The Q train is not running in Flatbush it has shuttle buses until Prospect Park so that is NOT a good way. The 4,5 will get you closest the 1 or 2,3 will also get you close the A,C will get you also not far.