INSANITY CONTINUES: NYC Mayor Adams Says 50 Houses of Worship to Shelter Illegal Immigrants


New York City is moving to address the increasing number of illegal immigrants entering the city by partnering with religious leaders to provide shelter. Mayor Eric Adams announced on Monday that 50 houses of worship across the five boroughs will open their doors to migrants starting next month. This initiative comes as the city grapples with the overwhelming influx of asylum seekers and aims to alleviate the strain on existing emergency sites.

The two-year partnership between the city and the New York Disaster Interfaith Services will offer overnight accommodation to asylum seekers. Each location will be able to house approximately 19 adult men, providing nearly 1,000 additional beds for those in need. Mayor Adams emphasized that this collaboration not only increases capacity but also facilitates connections between asylum seekers and local communities.

To ensure the faith-based spaces can continue to serve their regular congregations, the city will establish five daytime centers to support migrants during the day. This holistic approach aims to address the immediate needs of asylum seekers while maintaining the normal functioning of the houses of worship.

New York City currently operates 157 emergency sites across the five boroughs to house 45,900 migrants. In the past week alone, approximately 2,200 migrants sought refuge in city shelters. The decision to involve houses of worship in providing shelter comes after the mayor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Partnerships appealed to religious leaders for assistance in clothing the thousands of asylum seekers already residing in the city’s migrant shelters.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Where is the insanity? It sounds like a workable and godly plan to provide relief to people in difficulty. Are the participating religious groups being paid so much that the payments would violate the establishment clases of the federal or New York constitutions?

  2. Why is it “insanity” to use all available options to provide short-term housing for these souls. You can debate why Congress has not acted on comprehensive immigration reform and the need for more aggressive enforcement of asylum rules at the border (versus releasing refugees into the interior) but once they arrive in NYC or anywhere else, they need to be treated humanely.

  3. To the Ortho-crats objecting to the word insanity:

    It is absolute insanity for any country to allow unlimited numbers of un-identified, unvetted illegal aliens to invade the country, and then to demand that houses of worship provide facilities for these invaders.

    Whoever does not see that has been brainwashed by the Democrat controlled government media.

  4. For years I have wondered what people mean by “immigration reform.” I now think “reform” is meaningless. The problem is enforcement, whatever the law is.

  5. the insanity is that the situation is allowed to continue unabated. whats the next step, having every homeowner turn over their spare bedroom?

  6. huju,

    You still hypocritically refuse to invite these illegals to live in your home but will your woke religion church now invite them to stay there?

  7. Just wait until some cloister in or around Borough park or Williamsburg decide to open their doors to these aliens then we will see if Godolhadorah and huju will be so accommodating

  8. If it wasn’t June, the camps could be rented out to hold thousands all self contained in exchange for millions and some permits to build

  9. “all eric adams needs to do is say NYC is no longer a sanctuary city and all these problems go away..”

    Now that is the TRUE definition of INSANITY. Adams is actually making the best of a very bad situation he inherited from DeBlasio. He has a left wing city council and a set of laws which obligate the City to provide housing to ANY individual who arrives in the City w/o regard to their immigration status. Even if NYC changed their “sanctuary city” rules (which I doubt), I suspect the numbers might go down but there would still be thousands arriving monthly seeking shelter.