NEIS GADOL: Huge Meat Cleaver Missed Victim’s Spinal Cord By Millimeters

The meat cleaver used in the stabbing attack near Sha'ar Yafo. (Israel Police)

A police investigation of the stabbing attack at Sha’ar Yafo revealed that a major disaster was averted on Wednesday afternoon.

A 17-year-old resident of east Jerusalem got off the bus near Sha’ar Yafo at 3:20 p.m. and walked up the steps to the promenade, armed with a huge meat cleaver.

He then pulled out the knife and pounced on a middle-aged man, stabbing him over and over. The victim was evacuated to the hospital in serious condition but B’Chasdei Hashem is now in moderate condition as the stab wounds missed his spinal cord by millimeters. The terrorist stabbed one more victim, a 17-year-old tourist, but only lightly injured him. One witness to the incident was treated for shock.

Civilian security guards and police officers quickly arrested the terrorist and he was transferred for questioning.

Israel Police
Israel Police

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This is honestly super scary
    I was just there a couple of weeks ago with my entire family and grandchildren.
    I don’t think that I saw any soldiers or police near the Jaffa Gate Now that I think about it.

  2. There’s been quite a few terrorist attacks lately over the past few weeks there must be a solution to end this madness, either the Israeli government make some agreement with the Palestinians and negotiate some peace treaty or revoke the Palestinians permit to work in Israel, demolishing their homes is not enough on its own to scare them from carrying out attacks some bigger steps must be taken otherwise it’ll just go on. Its becoming an intafada which must be stopped at once an action plan must be put in place to end this chaos.

  3. @BaltimoreMaven Was that the first time you ever left Baltimore? If you looked up for half a second you would realize that Our Soldiers put their lives on the line every single day and night for 2 reasons, to protect our HOLY LAND OF ZION and to look after stupid tourists like you who don’t know a word of Hebrew and dont want to be aware of anything around you cause staring and drooling at your beautifully magnificent Shabbos Sneakers in Isreal, is more of a Chavayah.


  4. @Marijuana, as someone who grew up in NY, I must say your comment is one of the most mean and disgusting comments I have ever read. YWN, this was not a comment that you should have published. Calling someone names, making fun and lying. Just so horrible! Shame on you!!

  5. Lapid, BDS and Antifa would now instruct the Elohai Court SupremeCourt to fund an educational program and grant health care system and other rights to this terrorist until the Left decapatate the people’s choice and government to allow the Hamas to kidnap Jews for a exchange ratio of 1000 terrorist to 1 Jew exchange ratio would take place.

    But now the 16 years old terrorist meanwhile is prison educated on how to make bombs and be a leader to other Palestinians children.
    While Shabak and Police randomly surveillance the religious setters so they can under false pretenses jail them.
    Israel is not a democracy
    Israel unfortunately is a Marxist Bulshavic Communist with brutal elites that has its roots in Lapid father parties and new Meretz Youth.

    Hail Lapid
    Hail Lapid and BDS
    Hail Lapid, BDS and Antifa
    Hail Lapid, BDS, Antifa and European Union and US Reform movement and Biden stateDepartment.
    Hail to the new world order and media as its sponsors.