NO RED LINES: Israeli Leftists Call On UN & Biden To Shun Netanyahu During His Upcoming US Visit

Leftist Israelis projects sign against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on the UN headquarters in New York City.

Thousands of Israeli leftists have urged U.S. President Joe Biden and United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres to shun Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during his visit to the United States next week.

In an open letter published Wednesday, over 3,500 signers, including well-known left-wing Israeli writer David Grossman, called on Biden and Guterres not to meet with Netanyahu or invite him to speak at the U.N. General Assembly’s yearly meeting of world leaders.

The prime minister’s office has said Netanyahu will travel to the U.S. next week to visit high-tech leaders in California before flying to New York to address the U.N.

“Netanyahu incites citizens against each other, threatens the country’s security and economy, and turns his face away from the historical conflict that tears Israel apart – the forceful domination of the Palestinian people,” the open letter read.

“From the outset of establishing his extreme right-wing government, Mr. Netanyahu’s coalition has worked tirelessly to undermine the gatekeepers of Israel’s democracy, weaken the Supreme Court, neutralize the media and destroy the few checks and balances safeguarding the health of our nation.”

Netanyahu’s public itinerary so far does not feature an appointment with Biden at the White House. Biden said earlier this year he had no intention to meet Netanyahu “in the near term,” but the president softened his position in July, leaving open the possibility of informal talks between the leaders or a meeting on the sidelines of the General Assembly.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem & AP)


  1. Bs”d
    How dare the lefties say such lies: “the forceful domination of the Palestinian people” ? It’s the Arab terrorists who trying to forcefully dominate EY.
    Don’t worry if Biden won’t meet Natanyohu: Boruch Hashem , Hashem runs the world, not these world leaders. He decides what will be, NOT them!
    And Bibi could do
    with being more right-wing.

  2. The Leftists are foolishly and wickedly giving even more ammunition to the enemies of Israel and Jews — as if they do not already have enough. They are harming ALL Jews.

    And they are certainly intelligent enough to understand that, but they do not care, because maximizing their power and remaining in power forever is their highest priorities.

  3. leftists are going crazy. they lost big to the right and religious and are afraid that now Israel will become a more religious country.
    And you know what? I hope it becomes more religious, more Torah laws being accepted into the country and less chillul HaShem….