Peleg Yerushalmi Holds Protests In Three Cities Over Arrest Of Bochur [VIDEO ROUNDUP]


The Peleg Yerushalmi (Eitz) sector held protests in three cites on Wednesday evening over the arrest of a yeshivah bochur from Ponevezh due to draft dodging.

Following the arrest, Peleg Yerushalmi issued an announcement that it will be holding protests in three cities.

“In light of the criminal arrest of the prisoner of the Torah world, Rabbeinu Maran HaGaon Harav Asher Deitsch has instructed us to go out and protest and make noise around the world about the arrest of a talmid yeshivah who did not show up at the conscription office as a protest against the conscription law.”

“The protests are planned for today at 4:30 p.m. in three central locations: Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, and Rosh Pina, and are later expected to expand to additional locations.”

The announcement continued by saying the “legal department of the Committee for the Salvation of the Torah World stated: “The protests will be thoroughly documented. We will not be silent regarding discrimination between blood and blood and will respond accordingly if we encounter police treatment that wouldn’t have occurred at Kaplan [street in Tel Aviv].”

Following the start of the protests, a statement from Israel Police said: “A short while ago, public disturbances of order began during a protest at the Sarei Yisrael-Nordau intersection in Jerusalem, during which the intersection and light rail were blocked to traffic.”

“Local police forces are working to maintain public order and traffic police are directing drivers in the area to alternative routes.”

Protests took place simultaneously in Bnei Brak and Rosh Pina.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Just in time for Rosh Hashanah. Throw all of them in jail with the left-wing anarchists and perhaps let them out after the yom tovim by which time they will ALL have come to their senses. The nation is becoming more polarized.
    There still is a draft law requiring registration. The security personnel are just doing their job. If this Rav objects, let him work with the religious party MKs to change the law.

  2. Start with the man on top. I have no idea who Rabbeinu MORON HaGaon Harav Asher Deitsch is, but its erev rosh hashana, and this lunatic (and dont anyone tell me I’m mevayez a talmid chochom), is inconveniencing 1000s of people. Arrest this “Rabbi” and toss him in jail, preferably in Ramalla where he belongs. WHAT A CHUTZPA! The Ribbono should pay him back for every single person that he is affecting. This is a Rabbi??

  3. Can someone explain what these people are protesting? or, is a bochur not showing up at this office such a rare occurrence? or, do the police only arrest people once in a rare while? and, if the Torah parties are such an important part of the government, why don’t they just change the law? and, if every other 18 year old in the country dedicates years and risks their life to protect the Jewish people, why don’t they? do they believe that the army is a silly, unnecessary burden whose only purpose is להשכיחם תורתך? and if having an army really is important but it just needs to be under Torah leadership, and should only take bochurim who would be in the coffee room all day, why don’t they make this happen? do they think that every bochury has a ptur of bonah bayis chodosh? or notah kerem? or are they all engaged? or are they all rach levav? or did the pasuk just forget to list ומי האיש אשר לומד בבית מדרש? can someone please explain some of this?

  4. Three months ago I would have thought this is wrong. But after the lack of outcry from the Israeli public over the left-wing protest about justice reform I’ve came to view this as a legitimate part of the Israeli political discourse

  5. prayers are valuable, business men flock to Isreal handing millions for a prayer….stop fighting, let those who want to pray pray and those who want to fight fight… place some in computer programs and others you want to be evil with and you put him in the field….hateful mongers of left and liberal….

  6. smerel, are you comparing these violent protests to those on the left? Even if they were not so violent, does your mesorah teach that two wrongs make a right?

  7. DrYidd: In a county where blocking roads is considered a legitimate means of protest it isn’t wrong to protest that way. The leftists did a LOT worse with little to no pushback from the general public . That legitimized at least some of it. Therefore I don’t consider these people to be doing the wrong thing anymore.

  8. Dr. Yidd, two wrongs don’t make a right, but you must not be following the anarchists’ protests if you believe that the Eitz protests are more violent than the anarchist leftists. There truly is no comparison between the two.
    The leftists are far more violent and also w-a-y more abusive on a personal level against right-wing figures not just in Israel but internationally. Have you ever heard of Eitz people coming in hoards to an army general’s home in a residential area and making a ruckus from the early hours in the morning, or tracking him when he comes to the US?
    The Eitz people may be wrong in how they do things, but they are basing their protest on their rabbis’ instructions – talmidei chachamim who are far greater than you are. Most of us don’t agree with their ways of protesting, but can still see a vast difference between them and the anarchist leftists who believe in nothing other than that they must remain in power at all costs in order to rebel against Hashem and His Torah.
    Takamamash, why don’t you write about sending the leftist protesters on a one-way ticket to their dear friends in Gaza. No. Your vitriolic curse is only reserved for Eitz followers.
    I do not belong to the Peleg faction, but I don’t think that they’re monsters, even when they prevent me from going where I want to go and have at times caused me much inconvenience. If all of the leftists would magically become true Peleg people including keeping Torah and mitzvos, I would be thrilled.

  9. They have been putting women in birthday suits at the misrad hagiyus to be machshil the yungeleit. Bais Moav have brought their trade to eretz hakodesh

  10. I want to edit my comments for the benefit of our readers

    They have been putting women in birthday suits at the misrad hagiyus to be machshil the yungeleit. Bnos Moav have brought their trade to eretz hakodesh

  11. These ppl wouldn’t go to uman if you paid them. Bnei Torah don’t belong there.

    Uman is for loonies, stop the madness!

    Louis Schreiber has long done teshuva and come to his senses and he’s hook line and sinker on the derech.

    Say no to Chabad Say no to uman and any cult for that matter.
    Mi Lahashem li’Louis Scheiner

  12. Gadolhadorah, the last time I ended up detained by authorities of the regime, I ended up having my life threatened on a closed facility by non-Jews working at the behest of the state. You advocate handing a Yid off to be detained in that regime, you basically advocate for mesirah. I personally wouldn’t want to identify myself publicly as a moser. That means someone can make something look like an accident. Anyway, you read like a spook everytime. Get out of here, you probably work for the regime. Shame on you who haven’t done more to prevent Yiddin from being taken captives by the regime if you had the resources to spare them. It would be justified to break Shabbos to redeem a captive from the regime. You outnumber the authorities there that guard the places where Yiddin get tortured and yet you do nothing. You have their blood on your own hands.

  13. Something does not make sense here.
    Peleg was started by the son of Reb Shlomo Zalman Ohrbach may his memory be blessed.
    Reb Shlomo Zalman was born in 1910 and I think he died in 1995. You will never find him in a picture in the middle of the street participating in a Hafgana.
    If he was alive today and they told him that a Bachur got arrested, I am certain that he would say that we should all say Tehillim and daven and daven and daven.

  14. Baruch HaShem they let the bochur go free.

    Ashrechem Yisroel!

    And for anyone who doesn’t know. All the arguments about the “Supreme” Court’s power and “democracy”. All the protests in Tel Aviv and elsewhere. Everything boils down to this. They want to keep the supreme court in power because they want to oppress the Haredim.

    They hate lomdey Torah. They want to see the olam haTorah destroyed. It’s not about equal rights that everyone should serve in the army.

    It’s shmad.

  15. “These ppl wouldn’t go to uman if you paid them. Bnei Torah don’t belong there.”

    Bnei Torah also don’t belong running around in the streets like vilde chayos.

  16. They should protest in Tel Aviv with thousands of people blocking traffic and thousands of people disrupting the city. That’ll force the Zionists to take notice.