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New Mexico: Swastika Carved Into UNM Dorm Room Door

hcrUniversity of New Mexico police are trying to find out who scratched a Swastika onto a Jewish student’s dorm room door.

At Santa Clara Hall, one UNM student received a very unwelcome welcome back from Spring Break.

“One of our students returned back from spring break and discovered a swastika had been carved into his door,” UNM Dean of Students Tomas Aguirre said.

Aguirre said the student who was targeted is hurt and upset.

But this is not the first time an offensive symbol or derogatory word has shown up on UNM’s campus.

In 2013, Action 7 News reported that the racial slur was drawn outside of a student’s dorm room. Earlier this year, the same word appeared on another white board. The student who wrote the slur in the latest incident was caught.

“In that investigation we were able to follow a few leads, and identify who the perp was,” Aguirre said.

There are no suspects in the Swastika case. Aguirre said police are working to interviewing several people in this building.

“We’ll pursue it as vigorously as any case,” Aguirre said.

(Source: KOAT)

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