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Hikind Against Pollard Release In Rumored Prisoner Swap

hikindAssemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) says that the time has come to free imprisoned Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, but the United States should not be advocating the release of murderers and terrorists. The Assemblyman’s comments come as rumors circulate that a deal is being negotiated by the U.S., Israel and the Palestinians to keep peace talks on track.

Pollard has now served nearly three decades of a life sentence imposed for spying for Israel.

“The freeing of Jonathan Pollard is long overdue,” said Assemblyman Hikind. “The amount of time that he has already served is a terrible injustice. Of course, he should be released but his release should in no way be connected with the release of murderers and terrorists who are sitting in Israeli prisons for their crimes against innocent men, women and children. We know full well that a large percentage of those released will return to commit further acts of terror against innocents.

“Half of his life has been wasted in prison. We pray for Jonathan Pollard’s release. But let his release be an act of magnanimous kindness by this country, which is founded upon justice. Let it not be an excuse to put murderous criminals back into circulation where they may end up being responsible for more tragedies.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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  1. Ridiculous. Israel will (foolishly) release the prisoners anyway at some point. Might as well get something in return for once.

  2. #1- Hikind knows that! He is just looking to score some publicity. Believe me, no one in the state dept, or in the Israeli Govt cares about what Hikind thinks right now. There is high level talks taking place. Hikind is not even a cockroach in the room.

  3. I happen to know that the Editor of YWN visited Pollard many times. Why don’t we hear from the editor himself what he thinks about this?

  4. Reply to #1 – why would you think that Israel are such (fools)?
    In fact the State of Israel has proven time and again as very smart.

    If you may have some different Agenda behind, please do yourself a favor, instead of beading around the bush by spreading rumors, just be honest and straight open.

  5. Typical misleading title on the article. Perhaps it should have been “Hikind wants Pollard Freed Outright, Not as Part of a Prisoner Swap”. But Hikind bashing is the YWN way.

  6. Misleading headline. Hikind is all for releasing polard. Hes been at the forefront of the campaign to free polard where greenfield has been invidible. (Claims to be there but eino nireh.) Again a biased headline. Better this name should be the greenfield news. Hikind did do something good already the greenfield world. There is a reason people turn to hikind when in need of help and not to tyw/greenfield. Wake up biased yeshworld. Its about time you agree something hikind does. Not all is kovod.

    I know you will be a chicken and moderate/delete my comment. Even without violating any agreement (hey it doesn’t say one cannot point out unhatefull unbiased views in tos). Be a chicken and block this opinion mods.

  7. Keep ?Hikind the best advocate for Jews and Israel.

    Let innocent Pollard go & never release terrorists, no connection.

  8. Wow – go easy Papa
    Cockroach – you’re talking about my Jewish brother.
    I totally agree with Dov Hikind.
    Why release murderers again ?

  9. I don’t see frrom the article wherre he is against such a swap. He may not like the idea of a swap, but where does hikind imply anywhere in the article he is against it happening.

  10. Anything to keeep his name in the news. If he devoted as much time to NY State legislative matters as he does to publicity we’d all benefit.

  11. before some of you blast hikind (I am not a big fan either!) i will point out that this story, sans Hikind, was on the lamestream media this morning.

  12. #5- I believe it is foolish to ever release prisoners with blood on their hands. I have no idea what sort of agenda you may think I have. Care to enlighten me?

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