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Israel Police Cracking Down on Cellular Use While Driving

mishTo date, one stopped for using one’s cellular phone without a hands free device while driving faces a 1,000 shekel fine and four points on one’s license. Sadly, many accidents seem related drivers occupying themselves with their smart phones instead of driving and this has led police to look at stiffer penalties.

Police feel a more painful reality for violators is required. If a case is brought before a judge and the driver is convicted, in addition to the fine and points police are now seeking a suspended license.

In cases in which a driver demands to have the matter adjudicated in a court of law, police feel if the person is convicted and has prior convictions for the same offense, the driver should have his/her license suspended for up to six months. Police experts feel the use of phones while driving leads to fatal consequences and the law must recognize the need to take tougher action against repeat offenders.

‘Y’, who received summonses for speeding and talking on his phone while driving insisted the punishment is extreme. He demanded having his day in court, and he did. The Petach Tikvah Traffic Court however took a different view of his actions and not only was he hit with a 1,500 shekel fine and points, his license was suspended for sixty days.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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