Papal Visit to Kosel Canceled


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koselFollowing objections to a papal visit at the Kosel at 8:00 on a June morning, the visit was canceled.

YWN-ISRAEL reported that Kosel Rav Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz and others worked to push off the official visit of the pope next month. They explain such a visit that early in the day would disrupt vosikin minyanim and interfere with over 100 registered bar mitzvahs. They urged understanding and requested that if the pope must visit the Kosel during his official state visit in June, that he do so at a time of day that tefilos will not be interrupted.

The Shas Yom L’Yom weekly reports that the papal visit to the Kosel has been canceled following the requests to push the visit to later in the day.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I think that he should be able to visit the Kosel. From the other side. No doubt the Arabs will treat him with proper respect.

  2. Past papal visits have always been embaressing with the pope’s contingent all wearing yarmulkas while the Israeli delegations were all bare-headed. Just make sure the pope is not rewarded for his ‘respect’ for Jewish prayers by being given Kever David.

  3. Chaim Gold – roman catholic christianity certainly is avoda zara with it’s worshipping of countless saints, and of course their trinity.

    Some flavors of christianity may not be avoda zara but most are, all depends on their position on the trinity and saints…