Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto Returns Home – Expected to Give Testimony


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pintoRabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto has returned to Israel and he is expected to give testimony to police investigators this morning, Tuesday, 27 Iyar 5774. Rav Pinto is a suspect in a major bribery fraud case involving senior police commanders. The investigation against them is being spearheaded by Israel Police’s 433 Unit, Israel’s equivalent of the FBI.

According to the information being released, Pinto has struck a deal with the state prosecutor and he will be testifying as a state witness. Rav Pinto has been working to cut a deal by which he would incriminate the former commander of the 433 Unit, Menashe Arbiv, and in exchange for his information receive immunity. The prosecution however is seeking a one-year prison term for Pinto despite his willingness to cooperate.

Commando Arbiv was compelled to resign his senior post amid harsh allegations of accepting large sums in bribes from Rav Pinto. Arbiv insists that it is Rav Pinto who accepted the money and the rabbi is now seeking to cut a deal to save his skin. The sum allegedly accepted by one of the defendants is 200,000 shekels.

There is a considerable amount of criticism surrounding the state’s willingness to deal with Rav Pinto as many feel the senior police commander who has dedicated his life to public service should have been given the first opportunity to become a state witness and not the rabbi.

Rav Pinto sent a message to his talmidim and followers that in a moment the truth and justice will become apparent to all regarding the criminal allegations against him.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Let me understand: He is being moser a yid to the state authorities to save his own skin. Why are you calling him a Rabbi??? Isnt a moser mechuyav misah??

  2. yumgerman1 – it is opinions such as yours that has led such “heilige” places like Brooklyn, Monsey and Lakewood to become a hotbed of sexual molestation, pedaphilia and financial fraud. Keep up the good work!

  3. The police commander is a public servant that also happens to be a menuval who violated the public trust and doesn’t deserve to be shielded from the consequences of his own mischief. 2nd of all,if the indictment is true then he has not dedicated his life to the public service he has dedicated his life to his own selfish self-for that he deserves no praise.

  4. ujm – Are you kidding me? Are you saying that there isn’t a proliferation of sexual criminal misconduct as well as financial criminal misconduct in Brooklyn, Monsey and Lakewood during the past decade?
    You are fooling yourself. Read a newspaper (other than Hamodia, Der Yid, Der Blatt, etc.) It’s an epidemic at this point.
    Wise up! A black hat, white shirt and a beard no longer show piety. Plenty of people who wear the levush and otherwise talk the talk are criminals – sexual, financial and otherwise. If you choose to turn a blind eye, I am not surprised. Until recently everybody in those communities did. Now it’s all out in the forefront.

  5. 1jew2opinions- Lets take a deep breath and calm down a second.
    Any sexual misconduct no matter how minor should and must be reported to the authorities. Firstly because its a sakonos nefashos, and secondly because the Rabbonim said it should be.

    This case is a financial matter. The Gemora says one is allowed to kill a moser. – referring to moser mamon, reporting financial misconduct to the authorites.

    You should and must be dan lekaf zechus. However, when the guilty party says he is guilty you can accept that. If Pinto plea bargains, that most likely means he feels that there is sufficient evidence to prove he his guilty, otherwise he would plead innocent.
    Eitherway, he is ratting out another yid to save his own skin.