PHOTOS: Satmar Cheder In Williamsburg Evacuated After Manhole Fire Spreads To Basement




The Satmar school on Throop Avenue and Bartlett Street in Williamsburg was evacuated after a fire spread to the basement, Tuesday morning.

The fire started in a manhole in front of the school, but spread to the basement of the building through the electrical wires.

FDNY quickly placed the fire under control, but the school had no power. School administration officials reported that 1195 students who were evacuated continued the school day at alternative locations in the immediate area, and were to be dismissed at their regular time.

Streets in the immediate area of Bartlett Street and Throop Avenue were temporarily closed to vehicular traffic.

Boruch Hashem, there were no injuries reported.

Con Edison is en route to the location.

School engineers will assess the school’s electrical system and repair any damage.

(Eli Gefen – YWN)

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