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To’eva Parade In ERetz Yisroel Draws 130,000 R”L

ppThe biggest-ever Tel Aviv “shame” Parade took place on erev Shabbos 15 Sivan 5774 with the participation of over 130,000 people from Israel and abroad. The parade was launched by the Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yaffo Ron Huldai, and marked the peak of a week of events.

A few hours before the launch of the Pride Parade, the Municipality conducted a colorful initiative and painted the curbstones on Bugrashov Street in pride colors.

This year the Tel Aviv Municipality has invested more than $600,000 for the benefit of the to’eva community in Tel Aviv, a city spokesman reports.

Mayor Huldai said “The City of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo embraces the LGBT community and considers it an important part of the urban fabric of Tel Aviv. We hope Israeli lawmakers will embrace Tel Aviv’s model and pass laws that will ensure equality for the LGBT community. Together we will achieve this goal!”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. The frustrating thing about the vast majority of the Israeli haredi community is that they have sealed themselves off from everyone else. This article exemplifies what’s wrong.

    Rather than attempt to do outreach or to provide a positive example, you people write these nasty articles about shame and toeva and “Zionism triumphant.” You would rather spew scorn and disgust than DO SOMETHING. I have little use or sympathy for this.

    The army is another example. Rather than try to fix the army, to make it more acceptable, you would rather just boycott everything. It’s easier to gripe than to do something, right?

  2. I’m sure Herzl is rejoicing in his grave. Now all he needs is fir the zionists to convert to Christianity and his plan A would be complete. All these ignorant blind Zionist followers never read the manifesto and thus fail to realize that Zionism as presently constituted was his plan b. Ignorant sheep.

  3. #2, Sometimes it is important to criticize and castigate people who do evil. I understand it is not up your liberal MO alley, but that is the truth. Learn some TaNaCh!

  4. @#2 — You sound like a typical leftist statist trained in the ways of liberal demagoguery. Just like the Obamacare argument: “anyone who opposes it is just disparaging, and not offering solutions” when in fact countless solutions were put forth… You just refuse to listen to them. Likewise in the case of toevah many solutions and compromises have been put forth, but instead you play the Alinsky martyr card and publicize that we are all about disparaging and nothing more. Your tactics grow old. The toevah movement wants nothing more than an all or nothing acceptance from those that oppose it (total surrender) and if we do not accept that we are bigots and they will continue their militant assault on our values. Yet in regards to the draft, chareidim want an all or nothing commitment for their boys to be able to learn yet you chastise them for not offering solutions. Open your eyes and see the corruption of your logic.

  5. To No. 4.

    Perhaps look in a mirror and begin your mussar by focusing on the hatred that you and and so many others convey in your comments about the LGBT community. Obviously its not something we would wish for our own children but given that over 100,000 people turned out today in Tel Aviv to express support, its no longer a “fringe” Toevah movement as you would have us believe. Castigate yourself and stop trying to change the lives of other people

  6. We can’t speak in the name of G-d, but does anyone have the guts to suggest a connection between the toevah parade and the terrorist kidnapping at about the same time?
    Perhaps, just perhaps, we are being sent a message from above which we should heed before it is too late G-d forbid.

  7. Given the relative size of the two countries, 130,000 people in Israel would be the equivalent of over five million in the US.

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