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VIDEOS: IDF Retaliates for Fatal Attack in the Golan Heights


The Israel Air Force during the night attacked nine targets in Syria in retaliation for the fatal terror attack on Sunday in the Golan Heights. An anti-tank rocket struck the vehicle the victim was sitting in on Sunday 25 Sivan. Killed in the attack was 13-year-old Muhammad Karkara of the Galil. His father, 56, a border fence maintenance worker contracted by the Defense Ministry, was seriously wounded. He was flown by chopper to the trauma unit of Rambam Medical Center in Haifa. On Monday morning he is listed in moderate condition with shrapnel wounds.

Among the targets hit by the IAF were Syrian military bases.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke with Fahmy Karkara, the father of Muhammad Karkara, who was killed in the attack.

At the Jewish Media Summit in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “The enemies of the State of Israel shrink from nothing. They do not shrink from attacking civilians and from killing children, as occurred this morning. They do not distinguish between Jewish and non-Jewish citizens of the State of Israel. As a nation, our heart is torn over the abduction of any youth and the murder of any youth, and I am certain that I represent all of you as I send my condolences to this grieving family.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. I don’t understand.

    I read elsewhere that Israel is not sure which side of the conflict made the attack.

    If the attack was committed by the Rebel forces, why is Israel helping them by weakening the Syrian forces?

  2. It would have been a bit of a relief to hear at the onset ” misaskim was not needed” !!! After all there is unfortunately no shortage of jewish tzaros today !!!

  3. Iamdisgusted, do you realize that not only Jews visit this site, plenty of non jewish read to get their antisemetic vitriol, so I would be careful with what is written in the comments

  4. I believe based on the location that it would have come from the Syrian government army, and it apparently was targetted at an IDF civilian employee (the kid who was killed was apparently keeping his father company).

    It is not unlikely that the Syrian government might try to attack Israel in the hope that by fighting a foreign enemy the country would unite behind them (the US considered this strategy during the Civil War, but thought better of it – though did lead indirectly to Canada becoming a country).

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