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Chabad Chossid Seriously Injured in Kiryat Malachi Fire

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A fire broke out in a residential building on Aryeh Tzimuki Street in Kiryat Malachi on Tuesday, 26 Sivan 5774. A resident who is a member of the local Chabad community, a male in his 40s, was seriously injured.

Ichud Hatzalah EMT Manny Azriel reports “residents told us they heard an explosion and someone was burned badly as a result of a fall from a considerable height.

The victim’s name for tefilos is מנחם מנדל בן מרגלית.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photos: Yosef Chaim ben Tzion, News 24)


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  1. thanks for the insipid photos, for most news services they would have been eliminated, but for YWN, they are par for the course, of course…

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