US Welcomes Egypt’s Cease-fire Plan For Israel


bibnThe United States is welcoming a cease-fire plan proposed by Egypt to end heavy fighting between Israel and Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

White House spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan says the U.S. hopes the plan will lead to calm being restored as soon as possible. She says escalation won’t benefit Israelis or Palestinians.

Meehan says the U.S. will work to promote a return to the cease-fire reached in 2012.

The State Department says Secretary of State John Kerry has been working closely with Israeli, Palestinian and Egyptian leaders during the conflict. Kerry is expected in the region Tuesday.

Egypt’s offer marks the first sign of a breakthrough in international efforts to end the conflict. At least 185 people have died. Both sides say they’re seriously considering the proposal.



  1. Breakthrough my foot who do u think your kidding. So hamas can start bragging again that they can reach anywhere in israel while we r told again to act with restraint( ie cud u please drop dead like good little jews)

  2. you know what this ceasefire is for Egypt?

    basically, Egypt didn’t want a ceasefire, so America says they’ll do it themself, now that Egypt realizes they’re going to lose political clout they’re running to make a compromise

  3. bibi–
    please don’t. it will only prove to the world that you won’t stand behind your own blustery words. it will only make our enemies rejoice that they have won us again. and it will only result in more deaths in our nation by our enemies. the entire scenario will repeat itself in a year or two– as it is, i am feeling some strange deja vu…
    stick to at least your principles, and maybe you will one day merit to stand for higher principles.

  4. Ceasefire means Israel cease, Hamas fire. 10:03, rockets land in Eshkol. After 9. After ceasefire. Why doesn’t the international community scream at Hamas, like it would at Israel?

  5. What, yet again cease fire = we cease and they fire? The ultimate wimp Bibi is at it yet again, the mass of the people are very angry with the ultimate wimp, time to throw the bum out!!!!