WATCH: Attorney Ben Brafman Slams Mainstream Media’s ‘Intellectual Dishonesty’ in Israel-Hamas Coverage



Criminal Defense Attorney Benjamin Brafman joined Sean Hannity to discuss the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Brafman accused the media of ‘intellectual dishonesty’ in their coverage of the situation.

“One of the biggest tragedies of this recent conflict is that, with the exception of FOX News, the mainstream media is helping Hamas perpertrate an enormous fraud,” Brafman said.


  1. at long last someone has said on air ….but for the iron domb and “G-D”….. The miracles are just amazing bchasdei Hash-m. Thank you Ben Brafman and Fox News

  2. Well said Ben. It is ironic though that a guy who makes his living pushing intellectual dishonesties to juries would be the one to call out the media for the same offense.

  3. Despite what he said, he couldn’t care less about the Jews. Our Father inserted those words into his mouth. I respect him and admire him for what he said, but realize that we are a nation that dwells alone.

  4. He states that the only [world leader] with moral clarity is the Prime-Minister of Israel.

    He should have also mentioned the Prime-Minister of Canada.
    He has more than just “moral clarity”. He also has courage and common sense!