BREAKING: Hamas Has Begun Negotiations for Info on IDF Sgt. Oron Shaul


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oronHamas is not wasting any time following its announcement that it is holding IDF Golani Brigade Sgt. Oron Shaul, the seventh soldier who was in the ill fated armored personnel carrier in Gaza that was blown apart. The terrorist organization made a point of being vague, not stating if it is holding a live soldier or his remains.

Hamas spokesman Mushir al-Misri, among the terrorists released in the Gilad Shalit deal announced Israel will have to pay a price for any tidbit of information, even to see a photo of the soldier for a second.

Senior Arab affairs analyst Ehud Ya’ari explains the situation is quite complicated and it is too early to make any real evaluation.

Senior government officials are not commenting as the IDF is undoubtedly studying the situation. It should be clear to all that the IDF is filtering information and clearly for Israel’s security interests as well as Sgt. Shaul, not everything that is known in the case is released to the public.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. @2
    I agree with you all the way either he is not alive or they have some remains and they want to get Israel to negotiate that they can at least gain something out of this war.

  2. Had the Israelis long killed all their imprisoned terrorists, there would be little reason to negotiate. not sure why they are providing free motel for them- no state senator would approve.

  3. Coffee addict, you’re right!
    Kill one every hour on the hour toll he’s returned. And if he’s alive now and they kill him kill the rest.

  4. What about the Red Cross visiting him? If they claim to be humans – this every POW minimum human right to get a visit from the Red Cross.

  5. Thats exactly what Hamas wants , to create the illusion he is alive. They have personal items from the explosion thats it. They are trying to create the illusion they have a live soldier or even the whole body of the soldier to extract concessions. No one should believe them.