Arab Attacks in Yehuda & Shomron on the Rise


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Security cameras confirm that an Arab vehicle traveling at Gush Etzion Junction on erev Shabbos tried to run over Jews waiting at the location for ride. B’chasdei Hashem the people standing at the hitchhiking post reacted swiftly, moving back enough that the vehicle did not run them over. One female was lightly injured. The vehicle clearly turned sharply to the right to strike the pedestrians.

The vehicle sped off. Police and the IDF are investigating.

In the Shomron, a woman traveling near Chawarah opened fire at terrorists that attacked her vehicle. They blocked the road and began bombarding her vehicle with stones. When she felt her life was in danger she opened fire. Sadly the mainstream media reports “A woman opened fire at a mosque”, without citing the life-threatening situation that surrounded her actions. The reports make it appear the woman opened fire randomly, and without justification.

B’chasdei Hashem the woman managed to extricate herself from the perilous situation. One terrorist is dead and others were wounded by the gunfire. Chawarah is located south of Shechem. Jews living in Har Bracha, Yitzhar and Itamar must travel trough the hostile village to and from their homes.

PA (Palestinian Authority) sources on Friday afternoon reported that a terrorist was shot dead in Friday afternoon clashes with IDF soldiers in the Beit Omer NW of Hebron. B”H there are no reports of injuries among soldiers.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It’s sad, but these people only have themselves to blame. You choose to go live in such a dangerous place, you have to be prepared to face the consequences.

  2. what about ashdod, ashkelon, haifa beer sheva? are the jews who live there at fault as well? the terrorists dont draw any difference between what we call settlements and regular israeli mainland cities so why do you

  3. rabbi you are correct but you should also know better then to call them names.
    any Pal that riots is pro Hamas so arrest them then throw them out of the country. Once they are all gone no problem. The smart Pal understand that they have it better under Israel then Under Hamas

  4. D: The name that i called him was very mild. I could have used much stronger names!
    “stam a deayh”; well, “kishmo ken hh”. You bae absolutely no evidence of what you wrote. So, yup, yo udo honor to your web name!

  5. it is true that new York might not be your place, but you didn’t come there against the will of the neighbors, there were some gedolim that advocated settling in those towns, but others saw that the effects would be catastrophic.

  6. Chaimavrumi: I’m sure you did not mean that. U obviously care about ur brothers and sisters and don’t fault them for the situation were in.
    Stam a deya: the consensus of all the gedolim is that we should daven for our Israeli brothers and sisters, and daven hard. THAT’S what the gedolim are saying.

  7. chaimavrumi is right .. we all need guidance from you chaimavrumi your a trazdik your right all the time …
    lol your not … your a looser

  8. consensus of all gedolei hatorah????
    Who said this?? Your wrong. You sound like CNN & MSNBC. Lie to promote your own agenda. Stop hating your fellow Jews & maybe we’ll have a chance for Moshiach to come.

  9. chaimavrumi: you’re an ignorant fool. When you need to run for your life, you shouldn’t be welcome here either. We handed them Gaza and look at the result.

  10. Harav Shach z”tl and other gedolim were against jews building yishuvim in yehuda and shomron due to safety concerns and the hashkafa that “we are still in galus” therefore we cannot impose ourself on our Arab neighbors.

    This obviously is NOT the Mizrachi approach.

    Instead of slamming chaimavrumi, just deside as to which camp u REALLY belong….

    I still wouldnt go as far to say “they deserve it or are to blame.”