Arab Arrested by Police for ‘Death to Jews’ Statement


nAn Arab male employed in a Bnei Brak simcha hall was arrested by police after writing “death to Jews” on Facebook. It was learned that the Bnei Brak employee, a PA (Palestinian Authority) resident, was inside Green Line Israel illegally.

The Facebook posting also showed a burned out IDF tank. He posted the message from his cellular telephone.

Police called on the Tel Aviv Magistrate Court to extend the prisoner’s remand. The court decided to release the prisoner with restrictions, explaining the nation is in a sensitive security situation accompanied by tension and concern, which may cause people to say things that are offensive to others. The court ruled that in a democratic nation the freedom of speech of individuals is paramount for as long as no laws are broken.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Pass this along to a friend. Read / say Tehillim 140. Dovid Hamalech describs the events in Erez Yisroel / Gaza, mentioning the missiles and the tunnels. The name Chamas is there 3 times (once with a tav and twice with a samach) Amazing.

  2. Death to Israel and death to Jews are two different things. Jews and Zionists are two completely different people. Stop trying to mislead your readers. You’re heimish Jews, you should know better.

  3. Heimish Jews say 3 times a day in davening v’lirusholaim ircho b’rachamim toshuv and v’sehchazeno einenu b’shuvcho l’zion b’rachamim

    Maybe the anti-zionists daven from the abridged Reform version?

  4. 2: the vast majority of Zionists are Jews, the vast majority of Israelis are Jews, so killing zionists and israelis means killing Jews. Also, the word “yisroel” means the Jewish people. I realize its hard to be a self-righteous anti-zionist you do have to be educated in order to properly make your case.