Rubio Delivers Senate Floor Speech on the Conflict in Gaza



  1. May God Bless You with many years of Health and Success.
    I hope you were the President of this country, not Obama the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD LEADER

  2. Good for him! Finally someone had the guts to stand up and state the truth about Gaza. I’m sure G-d will reward him well for his heroic defense of Israel!

  3. Awesome speech! Obama and Kerry should listen to this.

    Unfortunately, though everything he said is 100% Emes, it will not be heard or believed by the idiots around the world. Hate will blind them and prevent any logic or facts from changing their position. Many of them in fact do know that what they are saying is baloney, but they say it anyway just because they hate Israel. (Like the UN for example.)

    The rule that “Words that come from the heart Enter the heart” can only be applied if the listener HAS a heart.

  4. This is what I wrote. I do not live in the states so I hope its ok to contact you here. I hope you will permit me to salute you here for your heroic speech on the floor of the senate today. You are clearly a man of huge moral courage and honest conviction. Someone with the strength to stand up for what’s right and just, and not pander to the masses for personal gain. G-D looks with favour on people like you who care not for themselves but for justice in the world. May you go from strength to strength, from success to ever greater success. G-D bless you.