Huge Danger Lurking in Brooklyn



Local missionaries, tragically led by Jews, are operating a $5 million, 14,000 sq. ft. building in the heart of Jewish Brooklyn to convert Jews. The missionaries prey on Jews who may not know the difference between Judaism and “Messianic Judaism” (i.e. the Christian version). The missionaries often dress like religious Jews and converse in traditional Jewish language in order to deceive Jews who may not know any better.

Unfortunately, many Jews are being lost to the missionaries. A shocking study recently showed that 34% of American Jews think that “a person can be Jewish if they believe that “J” was the messiah.” In other words, a full third of Jewish Americans think that followers of J.C. (i.e. Christians) can also be Jews.

The recognized Kiruv organization and Kollel, BJX, is now expanding to include an additional Jewish outreach center to stop the missionaries. Their newest center -now under construction- is located directly across from the train and bus stations, just blocks away from the missionary center. Thousands of Jews pass by daily. The new Kiruv center is committed to reach unaffiliated Jews who otherwise will be entrapped by the missionaries. Klal Yisroel’s help is needed to finish the construction. The website about the missionary threat is:


  1. Oy! Ribono Shel Olam, for 1,957 years we’ve been made to suffer in this bittere galus with all kinds of tests and challenges! Now, on the heels of Moshiach’s imminent arrival be”H you’re allowing this tragic challenge to prey in the lost souls?? How could you?? Please give us the tools and wherewithal to stop them at once!

  2. This is serious stuff. People think this is not their problem. Sadly when a family member falls is too late. Checks cong shomer Shabbos…. no address where to give? Hopefully this tremendous mitzva will save us from too much unneeded grief. In this zchus we will imy”h merit less sickness and disease in klal yisroel with more peace and moshiach.

  3. The fact that this is communicated content leads me to believe that this is typical “the sky is falling” hysteria that the frum community loves to engage in.

    No one pays any attention to these people and the “real” threat to yiddishkiet in America comes from within. Things like rising tuition with declining quality, housing prices, draconian bans on anything and everying, and the general slide to the right in everything from practices to general theology.

    But I guess it’s easier to blame a third party instead.

  4. Please don’t be cynical on Tisha b’Av. We have enough enemies from without. The website is The video shows the concerns of real people who were entrapped and are fortunately now in a position to report their experiences and B’H are back to observance. An apology is in order.

  5. the general slide to the right in everything from practices to general theology. No, you are sliding to the left. We are staying were we always were. and the building is somewhere on ocean parkway, if I recall correctly

  6. Rebyid40:

    The missionary building is on Coney Island Avenue between avenue P & Quentin Road. Can’t miss it. Huge building. Used to be where a funural home once stood.

  7. #5. the missionnaries are very well funded, and committed to their cause which is “to save as many jewish souls as they can”. they are evangelical xtians wrapped in a tallis and other obviously jewish trappings. they prey on the ignorant and the disenfranchised. perhaps in your little insular world you dont see this as a problem, but people like those at bjx are not concerned with those in their little tight knit circle, but all jews. perhaps you should unwrap your little coccoon and emerge into the real world where plenty of not yet religious, ignorant and unaffiliated jews are found wherever you turn in brooklyn. unfortunately, there are disenfranchised teens and young adults among the frum as well. they are easy prey for the well trained, well funded group whose raison de etre is to “save souls”, especially yiddishe ones.

  8. I just saw the chilling video! It made my Tisha b’Av much worse… What a churban! There are too many Jews in Brooklyn who are either totally secular (my son’s teacher doesn’t even keep Yom Kippur) or were raised frum but are severely at risk. Truthfully, the missionaries will be matzliach with them because what these people really need is warmth and love, something the missionaries specialize in. However, like the guy on the video said, I’ve also been to BJX and I could honestly say that you really do feel a sense of ahava and acceptance their. The Rav there really exudes with it and all the people there follow in tow. So with building more BJX centers, then yesh tikvah!