White House Blocks Missile Shipment To Israel


droneWhile the Pentagon has approved a shipment of hellfire missiles used by helicopter gunships for Israel, it appears the Pentagon’s approval was made without consulting with the White House and Department of State.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, the White House and Department of State learned of the military order and are preventing the shipment to Israel, with the report explaining they are concerned over Israel’s use of the missiles in civilian population areas as was seen in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge weeks ago.

The newspaper continues, quoting a senior Israeli official, who states the rift between Israel and the US had deepened and while there have been tensions in the past, now it is becoming personal and reflects a level of distrust between the sides.

According to a Walla report quoting Israeli officials, the straw that broke the camel’s back regarding the strained relations between Jerusalem and Washington occurred during a meeting in Israel between the prime minister and US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro at which time Mr. Netanyahu told him the US must never doubt him again in the future regarding how to deal with Hamas.

In Israel it is reported that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke with President Barak Obama on Wednesday night the eve of 18 Menachem Av. Obama was pleased to hear of the five-day extension of the ceasefire and he continues pressuring Israel to reach a permanent agreement with Hamas.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Your report fails to note that other shipments have been standard and that this request for State Dept. approval is a new.
    There seems to be no end to the threats this Administration will go to force his will on the State of Israel….this isn’t “personal” as the report indicated…this is “business,’ first the UNSC threats, now this.
    Well, Obama has unlimited control over “diplomacy”(in the UN, with Kerry’s “negotiations”) but the control of funding and arms is also in the hands of the Congress.
    Call,immediately, your representatives(even if they are on vacation) and let them know that this interference with the will of the American people, who support Israel, will not be countenanced by one man , whose agenda is not in keeping with America’s stance of supporting important allies and in keeping with our war against terror.

  2. This is very SERIOUS!!

    We may have to resort to under cover deliveries of arms as done in 1948. Without proper defense ammo – the lives of over SIX MILLION JEWS (sound familiar) is up for grabs.

  3. #2 Takingabreak. Great idea but not for cowards like Israel’s current PM.

    We believe לב מלכים ושרים ביד ה
    and Israel is becoming more and more anti-Torah so this is not surprising.

  4. The WSJ in this article quotes a senior Obama Administration cabinet member as saying Israel better learn their place in the world as the US is their only ally, so they better not blow it or they’ll have no one.

  5. Without proper defense ammo – the lives of over SIX MILLION JEWS (sound familiar) is up for grabs.

    No sir, without Torah and Mitzvos the lives of six million is up for grabs….

  6. I don’t think that Netanyahu is a coward. I think he is working with the information that he has and with the country that he has. Perhaps the solution is to go back into Gaza and dismarm Hamas. How many soldiers will that take? How will Israel be when this is all over? How will the economy look? Will the country be further divided – all signs show that this is the case. Look – the Israeli press is blaming Netanyahu for the lousy relations with Obama! Barak Husain Obama was Israel’s friend until Netanyahu messed up the relationship. Does that make sense? It doesn’t but a man who was blamed for Rabin’s murder can also be blamed for lousy relations with the first Muslim POTUS. Netanyahu knows this and this is the world he must navigate. I am not sure how it will end, but am sure it will be for the good.

  7. My previous comment was inaccurate…I guess according to former Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, State Dept. approval for arms transfer to foreign states is always required. and is not “new.”
    What I was not wrong about is the devious use the Obama Administration is making of this and other threats to force Israel into compromises with terrorists.
    Still Congress has approved of these transfers…they were probably bought with other concessions Israel has made in the past, and they should be standard and not used as “negotiating” material.

    @13, I agree that the press is using every means to try to weaken us by dividing us…it’s their main hope. I also pray every day that the PM will have wisdom and strength to do what is best for Israel and not to abide by the dictates of a world that has lost it’s moral compass, except for a few voices.

  8. I’m sure Hamas has plenty of missiles to give to Israel.

    I’m sure the physical state Israel is capable of being physically self-sufficient and can build its own missiles if it needs to.

  9. Avraham:
    Although it is heartbreaking all the Jews who are against the torah what are we supposed to do about it. we all can do our part and act according to the Torah. I always wonder if there is anything else we could do.
    just know there are plenty of anti Torah Jews in the holy artzoys habris of America. And there are plenty of Torah Jews in Israel plus the country as a whole is getting more frum not less(not looking at all the politics going on).
    I really don’t see it as azionist thing.

  10. I have a question. Is Barry a Shiite or a sunni?

    The blame for all this lies with our own people who voted for barry in the first place. South Florida went overwhelming ly for barry.

  11. As already pointed out here, of course we need to turn to Hashem and keep mitzvot that will lead to our salvation. However, it is not ONLY the mitzvot that are in the personal sphere that we must keep as some may think.
    Just as the Torah has what to say about mitzvos involving our personal service of Hashem, it stands to reason that the Torah has what to say about the precise issue of seeking alliances with the nations. For example: Isaiah 30, “Woe to the rebellious children, says G-d, that take counsel but not in Me…that go down to Egypt and have not asked at My mouth to take refuge in the stronghold of Pharoah and to take shelter in the shadow of Egypt…” And again, (Ibid. 31) “Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help and rely on horses and trust in chariots, because they are many and in his horsemen because they are exceedingly mighty, but they look not unto the Holy One of Israel, neither do they seek the L-rd.”

    And the great commentator, Redak to Isaiah 30:1 elaborates: “It is not enough that they have sinned and erred, but they add sin of asking besides Me for help from someone else without permission. AND THIS IS A GREAT REBELLION OF THE SERVANT AGAINST THE MASTER, AS HE PLACES HIS TRUST IN SOMEONE ELSE BESDIES HIM.”

    Thus, this is not “just” a matter of sinning. The very sin of seeking allies involves a lack of national bitachon in Hashem, as such “proves” to Israel and the gentile ally in their minds that it is the ally that is the salvation of Israel, and not G-d. There is much more one can add to this, but the main point is that the sin of seeking allies is a national one, and thus far more serious, and it is the DIRECT cause of our problems as it involves a DIRECT lack of bitachon in Hashem’s power and ability to save us. In this matter, as in all others, we must use hishtadlus, but that hishtadlus means to own, Jewish abilities to fight our national enemies, independent of seeking gentile nations to help us, and at the end of it all realizing that it is not kochi b’yado, the strength of our hands that brings us success, but that is Hashem that is with us.

    And finally, should any gentile nations choose to support us without a “carrot and stick,” i.e. without ulterior motives to try to force Israel’s hands, then, ok, we don’t necessarily HAVE TO turn down such support. But if it comes with certain “preconditions,” openly stated or implied, then, no, we should tell them to keep their economic/verbal support.

  12. Why doesn`t Mr. Obama join his people, looting in Ferguson. It seems that his wardrobe is running low on white shirts and ties, I`m sure its available for free there.

  13. @18 “allies”is a general term(lashon goyim)…in truth we are giving them the opportunity to show what a great nation the US is and to do the righteous thing, choosing to help the good over the evil.
    You wouldn’t want to thwart that opportunity.
    This does not imply, in any way, a lack of trust in H’, our only “ally.”
    Additionally, in these times of hester panim, H’ works His miracles not openly, but thru the “natural” unfolding of history.

  14. 11

    We live in a work of miracles and wonders performed as we all know by the ALMIGHTY. We are taught that hishtadlus is the way the world works.
    Our generation is not zochar for outright “Splitting of the Sea”…we need messengers from hashem just as we use our medical field/prescriptions to aid in health and illnesses.

  15. “charlieeee where are youuuuu?”

    Flying to Alaska. (No kidding, I was on a plane for most of the day.)

    It should be noted that the Jerusalem Post is quoting both US and Israeli sources as denying the substance of this report. This may have as much truth as the previous hoax of a supposed transcript of a telephone call between Obama and Netanyahu.

    I would not be surprised to find Hamas were behind these efforts to drive a wedge between the US and Israel.