ZivugZone.com Approaches 6,000 Members As It Seeks to Make More Shidduchim



With all the talk out there regarding the best way to ameliorate the difficulties singles are having in finding their bashert, there exists a resource that offers singles greatly expanded shidduchim opportunities. The website is ZivugZone.com.  ZivugZone.com is a unique shidduch website with a sophisticated personality compatibility matching system and haskamos from prominent rabbonim. ZivugZone.com has registered almost 6,000 members since it launched in 2012!

In addition, ZivugZone has introduced innovative programming such as its ShadchanZone service which harnesses the potential of a large network of independent shadchanim (over 100 shadchanim at this point in time!). The novelty of the ShadchanZone service is that it provides these independent shadchanim access to ZivugZone members so that they can make matches between ZivugZone members and the thousands of singles in their own respective databases. ShadchanZone is completely confidential. Only those members who opt for ShadchanZone will be presented to the shadchanim.


ZivugZone has made numerous shidduchim and has garnered enthusiastic acclaim from it’s users. We would like to share with you a few of the many wonderful testimonials that have been received:

“Dear Mr. Coan (Moshe Coan is the founder of ZivugZone): I am grateful to you and to ZivugZone for assisting me in finding my bashert, with whom I am very happily married. I have no idea how I would have met Dovid if not for your site, as he is from Florida and I’m from Brooklyn. But Hashem thankfully sent you as my shaliach l’chuppah. Now for my take on ZivugZone.com: The site is easy to use. Unlike other websites which stress your level of religiosity, I find the personality test that ZivugZone offers to be very helpful. And since your site worked for me, I urge my friends to go on it. The woman and man, and their potential connection, is what matters. It’s all about how the two can grow together while building a beautiful, strong family with avodas Hashem as the centerpiece. In short, based on my experience, this site could help many frum singles. Having found my chassan through ZivugZone.com, I highly recommend it.” -M.S.

Here is yet another heartfelt testimonial:

“I had searched for a shidduch for nearly two years before falling into a situation that some would say was a mistake to begin with. One year later after having done everything I could to salvage the situation, Hashem helped to end it with a peaceful divorce. Many people tried taking advantage of my situation and hid facts from me or just outright tried pushing me into another mistake. There were shadchanim who were just not sensitive to my situation. They didn’t return calls when they told me they might have an idea for me or just never called me even once after having met with them. After having been advised by my rebbe to try other websites, I heard about ZivugZone, which my Rav also gave me his bracha to try. I took the personality test which then sends you matches based on the answers you give. Although I had lived in Eretz Yisroel for several years, I knew I needed someone with a similar background. Having returned to Eretz Yisroel after a trip to America which did not seem to help me find my bashert, I decided to check out ZivugZone. I saw a profile of someone in America and decided to send an email to her personal shadchan without regard for my decision to only look in Eretz Yisroel. Her personal shadchan liked what he heard about  me and sent me to one of her teachers from seminary to act as the shadchan. That personal shadchan from ZivugZone is now my father-in-law. I had once thought that I would never use any form of internet to find my wife. Hashem clearly showed me that this was the best form of hishtadlus I could do. I very much recommend this site to anyone in the frum community who is struggling in the parsha of shidduchim.” -D.S.


Finally, here is a short, yet poignant email we received from a very satisfied member:

“I just signed up for your website and I have to give you credit because I think the concept is absolutely brilliant.”-C.K.


Today there are literally tens of thousands of frum singles who spend years going out on dates with countless individuals who are just not shayach. Sometimes friends, family and even shadchanim inadvertently make dating suggestions that are based on shallow and superficial criteria. This can be a recipe for frustration and heartache. What is desperately needed is a resource to help frum singles identify compatible dating partners in an easy and efficient manner.  It would be a great chessed if YWN readers could please tell all of their single friends and family members about this wonderful tool that helps people find their zivug.


With a combination of davening and ZivugZone.com, the next shidduch could be yours!