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What Measures are Being Taken Following the Har Nof Massacre?

IMG-20141118-WA0019The media analysts are abuzz and the experts are making appearances on the evening news offering their unsolicited advice as how to halt what many believe is the Third Intifada. Following the heinous barbaric attack in Kehillas Bnei Torah of Har Nof on Tuesday morning 25 Marcheshvan everyone is asking the same question – what do we do to halt the Islamic violence and attacks? A visit to the Kosel or a ride on the Jerusalem light rail may result in hospitalization or worse chas v’sholom. The police appear paralyzed and Israel Police Chief warns citizens that anyone taking the law into their own hands will be punished to the fullest extent of the law, not exactly what a city that is bleeding wished to hear during his visit to Har Nof following the latest Islamic terror attack.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu leads the calls to raze the homes of the terrorists responsible for the slaughter, both residents of the Jabil Mukhaber neighborhood of the capital. Netanyahu made the announcement late Tuesday afternoon after high-level security consultations

The terrorists YS”VZ were cousins and live in the same community. A brother of one of them, another career terrorist, is serving a life sentence. One of them was released by the current administration in yet another Israeli ‘good-will’ gesture to the PA (Palestinian Authority). It appears Israel has used up its good will and the terrorists released some 18 months ago are back, hard at work murdering Jews.

Police announce in the coming days there will be more checkpoints and less freedom of movement for residents of eastern Yerushalayim, which is their code word for “Arabs”, which they shutter to say. It would appear that after a number of fatal vehicular car attacks in the capital and other fatal acts of terrorism involving Arabs from Jerusalem, something is being done.

Fearing chas v’sholom Islamic terrorists realize just how easy it is to carry out an attack, there will be increased security in Jerusalem schools with a focus on kindergartens. It remains unclear how long this will continue. Israel Police nationwide have moved to level 3 status, one level below a state of emergency. Israel Police is also going to work to give a boost to Mishmar Ezrachi (auxiliary police) units in various neighborhoods. Regarding Har Nof, community leaders have been calling to boost their Mishmar Ezrachi patrol for a long time but those calls were unheeded.

Citizens and visitors alike are afraid, some thinking twice about taking the light rail while other think walking to and from the Kosel in the dark may be a life-threatening endeavor. Minister of Public Security Yitzchak Aharonovich was on the scene of the latest Islamic act of terror and promised citizens that police would restore law and order. Unfortunately, the citizens of Yerushalayim are less than optimistic based on the minister’s track record since the summer. Aharonovich also instructed police to beef up security for shuls in the capital. This may prove difficult as potential terrorists are everywhere, from the shuk to hospitals and private stores. One of Har Nof terrorists worked in a grocery store down the block from the attack, and therefore no one was suspicious seeing him. Actually, hundreds of potential terrorists are on the streets of Har Nof every weekday morning as they work there.

Other government officials announce the Interior Ministry will show flexibility in regard to applications for handgun permits. Once upon a time anyone who was an IDF veteran could get a gun if s/he had a clean record but over recent years the nation’s leaders felt taking legal guns off the streets would prevent accidental shooting incidents. Former Jerusalem Police Chief Aryeh Amit told the media today that from his perspective, anyone with a licensed gun must carry it and use it if and when necessary. Interestingly, no one is mentioning the idea of giving IDF soldiers their guns back. Tens of thousands of soldiers travel the nation daily, each a potential law-enforcement agent in the event of an attack. However, the military some time ago ruled soldiers must give their weapons in when they leave base, fearing suicides and accidental shooting. There are some exceptions, such as combat officers and soldiers coming from the field, not a base, but most soldiers are sitting ducks, targets if you will, compelled to travel about in uniform but without weapons.

Rishon L’Tzion Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef Shlita announced he feels persons should not daven in a shul without a guard, or perhaps some armed mispallalim. Deputy Minister of Religious Services Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan insists it is not possible for there are close to 11,000 shuls in Israel and it is too expensive – simply undoable.

Suddenly talks of the 2015 state budget and possible early elections have come to an abrupt halt as the nation is compelled to take a break – to pause to bury its dead HY”D, the latest victims of radical Islamic terrorism.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. So continue keeping arabs working in every yidishe spot and continue to cry, A SHOTEH BLEIBT A SHOTEH, there should not be a single arab working in a yidishe area, so when you see one you know he is a terorist, the government only wants you to mix with the arabs in every way possible,so this is the results, keep up your CHELIMER security meeting , raze a few more houses which is for them an honor

  2. The Arabs correctly assume that Israel will continue to fight like civilized people – not like savages.

    That assumption is why this war will sadly never end.

    Hamas and the like should be put on notice, that any future attack will result an a total Arab town, or greater, completely obliterated.

    Yes, that sounds insane and extreme. However please remember, there were no greater animals than the Japanese in WWII. Guess what? The obliteration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki resulted in hundreds of thousands of lost innocent lives. History does not record that as insane and extreme. History has recorded Truman’s decision as unfortunately necessary to save countless USA lives.

    It’s time to realize this reality. As extreme as it sounds – it is the only way to stop these animals.

    Afraid of being lectured by the West? Call the policy “operation – Truman’s warning”.

  3. First of all United States is criticized for what they did but your right can’t they just throw an atom bomb to detroy Gaza, Hamas, and all the Palestinians? I wish

  4. From one living in the muslim ravaged Holy Land, there are answers, one is to remove the cancer from the land, even pay them to leave. A recent study found that keeping them here costs about the same as paying them a handsome sum to leave. Another obvious answer is that these dregs do what they are supposed to do, as Hashem said “Wild ass of a man, at the throats of all”. They push the “stiff necked” to do better, if these turn to Hashem, no need for these dregs. REAL tshuva, beyond the tshuva of the theoretical perfection of the movement of the body parts is a good starting point. There is one place where Hashem describes this very well, what He wants from His “stiff necked” ones, its in parsha Eikev, where Moshe asks of them “what does Hashem ask of you”. Then Moshe lists IN ORDER OF PRIORITY, what He wants, the first 4 simple answers are the duties of the heart. AFTER THAT, in last place in priority is the Hok and Mitzvot! And all this is just as R. Shimon bar Yochai said of these days 2,000 years ago, hacol yeh-he-yeh afuch, and so it is …..

  5. The Arabs are so much a part of life in Yerushalaim that there’s no way to avoid them. Even if mosdos fire all Arab workers (which might well only arouse more antagonism and direct it against those mosdos) there are plenty of Arabs who can effectively masquerade as Chareidim and get into shuls that way. IMHO Hashem is trying hard to tell us that the one and only way to protect ourselves is to rely on Him and Him Alone. “Not in the might of the horse does He desire (or any other weapons or means of defense, however powerful or sophisticated) … Hashem wants those who fear Him, who look for His kindness.” Admittedly I’m not saying that sensible precautions should not be taken for the sake of hishtadlus, but we must keep constantly in mind that our hishtadlus will help only to the extent that we remember that our lives are totally in Hashem’s hands and not in anyone else’s. Soon after hearing of the attack yesterday I said to a friend, “Hashem is talking to us,” to which he answered, “Screaming”. I’m afraid that if we don’t work hard enough on internalizing that message, He might feel He needs to scream even louder.

  6. Whoever doesn’t live here can’t imagine the crazy lives we lead. 70% of the Egged bus drivers are Arabs. The cleaning staffs in all the hospitals in Jerusalem are %100 Arab. The non-medical workers, those who bathe and change patients who cannot care for themselves, are almost completely Arab. There are also Arab nurses and doctors. The construction workers on top of the buildings with heavy boulders, the tractor drivers, etc.- all Arabs. Fire them? People are afraid that they’ll come back to take revenge

    BUT, I do think (at least hope), that they will get them out of the chederim, etc.

    The situation is not so simple. Even the police and soldiers, after being given permission to shoot, are not doing so.

    All we can do is pray and pray and pray. Did I say “all”? Prayer is the most powerful weapon there is.

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