First Policeman at Scene of Har Nof Massacre Has Died


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B2wXMaSCcAAoa-iAdvanced Staff Sgt. Major Zidan Sayif is the latest casualty in the Har Nof shul massacre. He was one of the first policemen to arrive on scene and actively engaged the terrorists in a gun fight.

His heroic actions resulted in many saved lives since the terrorists had to turn their attention from massacring  Jewish worshipers to face a gun battle with the heroic policeman. He lived in the Druze village of Yanuh-Jat in northern Israel.

He leaves behind his wife, four year old baby and a 7 month old daughter as well.

(Yitzchok Begin – YWN)


  1. A true Chasid Umos Haolam. Let’s hope the murder of this hero always remains a part of the horrible memory of this tragedy . He should not eventually fall by the wayside in the annals of this tale.

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    Would it be possible for you to delete Torah4me’s comment? It doesn’t seem appropriate, and could be a chilul Hashem if a non-Jew sees it.

    Thank you and have a good night!

  3. The druze community have paid a pretty heavy and heroic price in the latest bout of viollence in eretz yisroel. Weather it was the war tis summer or the terrorist riding over pedestrians and killing a druze policeman and now. During the war one of the biggest commanders is druze; he was really wounded. Went to the hospital and escaped early so he can rejoin is brthers in war.

  4. There are many,many Druze in the IDF and mishmeret hagvul. They are known to be excellent in combat and respected by their Jewish counterparts. Goes to show that Israel is simply committed to the peace of its inhabitants. I’m sure his descendants (for Doros) will get schar for his noble actions. Druze, arabs, Jews; the Palestinians have shown us that they just want terrritory and are emotionally charged things that want to destroy everything. It’s insanity hidden in the cloak of “religious war”. you wish the murderers daven 5 times a day or give two rats behinds that al aqsa is being infiltrated.

  5. Once you start speculating who is koneh olam habbah and who is not you are going down a very dangerous path…
    Speculations and rumors turn into beliefs and ultimately are viewed as fact. I am in no way down playing the heroics of an officer putting his life on the line to save others, but Olam Habbah is not something any of us can really talk about except in the abstract.
    I realize I am nitpicking and I am sorry…speculations are a pet peeve of mine.