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HaRav Moshe Twersky HY”D :

HaRav Moshe Twersky HY”D, 60, was a steady participant in the minyan for the past seven years or so. He was Rosh Kollel Yeshivas Toras Moshe. The levaya will begin at 14:00 from Yeshivas Beis HaTalmud to Har Menuchos. He was a grandson of Rav Yoshe Ber Solovechik ZT”L and a son-in-law of Rav Abba Berman ZT”L. The rabbi was a US citizen. He is survived by Rebbetzin Bashy, who is a prominent teacher in Hadar seminary, and their five children – three sons and two daughters – aged 23-33, and ten grandchildren.

Rav Aryeh Kupinsky HY”D:

Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky HY”D, 43, was a US citizen too. He was a regular at the minyan where the attack occurred. The family has known tragedy as Rav Aryeh’s 13-year-old daughter, Chaya Chana was niftar 3 years ago in her sleep. Rav Aryeh was known as a man of chessed and ran a gemach. He was known to never refuse anyone seeking assistance in any form, always seeking ways to assist others. His oldest son learns in Yeshiva Gaon Yaakov in Bnei Brak, headed by Maran HaGaon HaRav Aaron Yehuda Leib Shteinman Shlita. He is survived by his wife and five children, ages 5-16.

Rav Kalman Ze’ev Levine HY”D:

Rabbi Kalman Ze’ev Levine HY”D, 55, was born in the United States. After getting married he devoted his time to kollel in Har Nof. Relatives describe him as one who was always happy and upbeat. He was makpid to be mesamayach chosson and kallah when he attended weddings. His family was dear to his heart and he made a point of participating in all family events.

Rav Kalman attended the Lev Avraham Kollel in Meah Shearim and the evening kollel in the shul, Kehillas Bnei Torah. He was known stop learning at 10:27 to have several minutes to prepare for maariv to enable himself to daven as he felt one must with proper Kavanah…

He is survived by 9 children, some still unmarried Hashem Yirachem…. and 5 grandchildren.

R’ Avraham Goldberg HY”D:

Rabbi Avraham Goldberg HY”D, 68, was born in Britain. He made aliyah in 1991. He usually was makpid to daven neitz and he was among those in the shul when the attack occurred. He was an educational advisor in the chareidi community.

Friends explain he was committed to the time he dedicated to limud, and always exerted himself to advance in his comprehension of his limud. He is survived by his wife and six children.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC / YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. I am now sitting on a low chair and getting ready to say Eichu.We are now in the midst of chuban bais hamigdosh.
    Yes there are many areas that demand tshuva from kllal yisroel,but why were we punished now so harshly.What was the terrible act that caused such CHARON AF.Why were these Tzadikim slaughtered in tallis and teffilin, something that we did not witness since AUSHWITZ.
    My dear children – the answer is very simple:Yidden are presently forbidden to enter the area of the HAR HABAYIS
    קשה מיתת צדיקים כחורבן בית המקדש
    Please for our own sake “let us all together Gedolim and ketanim be MOICHA and scream out the ISSUR and Hashem with his mercy will accept our תשובה and spare us from such unheard of tragedies.

  2. T O N I G H T
    8:15PM sharp
    MA’ARIV AT 9:00

    Ateres Reva, 500 Summer Avenue
    212 – 444 – 1009 – OPTION 8

  3. YWN, please add a policeman who just died from the wounds, because I believe he also can be called Kadosh because he ran to help fellow Jews, and was killed in the battle.

  4. I have no words.I do not have any tears left in me anymore.
    Baruch Dayen H’emmes.
    My thoughts and prayers are with the families.May Hashem give them the courage and strenght to get through this horrible nightmare.
    May we merit the coming of Mashiach It’s been too long.

  5. well, I’m surprised to learn that the policeman was not even Jewish. But still he is a hero, and maybe we don’t need to call him kadosh after all, but I think Jews should give hakoros hatov to his family and it’s already second no Jewish policeman who gave his life for saving Jewish lives.

  6. Ha Rav Twersky z’tz’l has a brother and sister who live in the Riverdale neighborhood in the Bronx. Tehillim will be recited in the Riverdale Jewish Center at 8pm tonight. I am on my way there.

  7. Reply to emesayid:
    You said, “the answer is very simple: Yidden are presently forbidden to enter the area of the HAR HABAYIS”

    The answer is not simple, for we don’t the reasons or calculations of why our Creator does certain things.

    However, every tragedy that happens in Klal Yisrael, carries with it a message.

    Perhaps (as you said) Hashem is telling us, “I gave you Gedolim to guide you. If you don’t listen to them, then I will take them away from you.”

    Two words of this article that we should pay close attention to are “SHUL MASSACRE”. A shul is suppose to be a safe haven. I personally believe Hashem is screaming a message to us, “If you disgrace My honor by talking in a shul when other people are trying to converse with Me, then, I will leave from within your midst!!!” Without Hashem’s Shechinah, in a shul, a shul becomes like a regular building!

    As the Chasam Sofer says, “One who speaks in shul – during davening – causes the Shechinah to leave Klal Yisoel…!” (I.e. to be chased away) [Drush Chasam Sofer vol. 2, page 309b]

  8. Firstly, Mrs. Twersky is a principal at Seminary; her family owns it.
    Secondly, there are many (and I will not write them) very terrible stories/bein adam lachveiro that have happened In the litvish world in the last few months. Such terrible things that for that the sechina cries too. Weather it was roshei yeshiva being attacked. Self prclaimed rabbis(in america) uprooting and being mashchis one of the chashuva yidden’s lives in har nof withh false accusations for personal gain. These pple are innocent karbanos. And true tzaddikim, But we have innocent pple being slaughtered by words and actions of pple lately. Teshuva must be done in the area of bein adam lachveiro!!!!!!!

  9. emesayid: You’re a Novi now? These people didn’t go to the Har Habayis. Tragedies have befallen us when we didn’t have access to the Har Habayis. How about preaching Achdus, which is more a reason for our overall situation.

    Maybe giving away control of the Har HaBayis and Meoras Hamachpeila is also a problem for us. Maybe we are telling Hashem that they aren’t that important to us.

    How about all the Chillul Hashem that goes on by the crooks and perverts among us and the excuses made on their behalf.

    We can come up with all kind of reasons, but the lack of achdus, to me, is #1. Even when we disagree, it should be done civilly.

    Now is not the time to point fingers at people. We need to look inward and improve ourselves first.

  10. My heart is busting by looking at these pure eidele faces…

    Regarding what massage hashem is sending to us, in my baalbatish opinion every individual has to do a serious cheshbon hanefesh and improve in the areas that he’s not behaving properly al pi the Torah without bias.

  11. My friend’s husbands were killed and some other staff members families of Neve Yerushalayim families were killed and critically wounded.
    Neve Yerushalayim posted: The entire Neve Yerushalayim Family is overcome with deep sorrow and shock
    to learn of the tragic deaths from today’s terrorist attack of
    Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg הי”ד
    husband of Briana Goldberg
    Neve’s beloved front desk receptionist
    Rabbi Kalman Levine הי”ד
    husband of Neve alumna Mrs. Chaya Levine
    Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky הי”ד
    husband of former receptionist Mrs. Yaakova Kapinsky
    The funerals were already held in Har Nof this afternoon
    May Hashem comfort the families with all those who mourn for Zion and Yerushalayim
    Please daven for:
    Shmuel Yerucham,ben Baila (Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller’s son in law)
    Eiitan ben Sora
    Chaim Yechiel ben Malka

  12. Some guy who called himself “emesayid” said:
    “What was the terrible act that caused such CHARON AF[…]? [… T]he answer is very simple: Yidden
    are presently forbidden to enter the area of the HAR HABAYIS.”

    So, according to someone who is such an anav that he didn’t write his name on his explanation of the
    reasons Hashem gives us tragedies, we are being punished for going on Har Habayis even though we’re not
    allowed to. Tell me, who goes on Har Habayis, and is that really worse in Hashem’s eyes than the other
    things they do?

    (I assume he didn’t mean that we’re being punished BECAUSE Yidden aren’t allowed on Har Habayis –
    we’re tamei anyhow.)

    As for “קשה מיתת צדיקים כחורבן בית המקדש,” the only way that would be relevant is if we had destroyed the
    Beis Hamikdosh.

  13. #9

    If there a tragic shul where what you’re casting aspersions is completely off base-it’s here

    קשה מיתת צדיקים כחורבן בית המקדש

  14. I knew Kalmen for many years. Some short words about the great soul that we have lost
    Kalmen Levine HY”D
    Our hearts are torn and broken , our minds cannot comprehend
    Your life/ time
    Kalmen, time was your adversary and time is now your friend
    You were in a constant struggle with time
    Making it early to davening
    Making it to your chavrusha on time
    Yes ,time after time, time after time
    You shaving minutes off of the things that waste away our precious life/time
    Yes you leant 60 minutes of learning every hour
    Till the wee hours of the night you conquered time, day after day, year after year
    Kalmen , in the Heavens, time is now your friend
    All those minutes, hours, days and years will be the witness to what you did in your lifetime
    Time was you essence

    Your prayers
    Kalmen you stood before Hashem like a child before his father
    You were here but you where there
    There, next to our father in heaven, close to him
    Daily you visited your family but you were there in the heavens
    There ,beseeching Hashem, enjoying his closeness and praying for us , klal Yisroel
    Now you are even closer , your visits to those in this material world we will miss
    You departed on the wings of your prayers

    Emes – truth filled you
    You sought out the truth in understanding the Torah
    You sought out truth in your service of Hashem
    The truth is… You sought out the truth within yourself
    Kalmen no more , you now know the truth

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