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MK Porush Visits the Family of the Slain Druse Policeman

hntMK (Yahadut Hatorah) Meir Porush visited the family of slain police officer Master Sgt. Zidan Nahad Seif, who was killed attempting to stop the terrorists perpetrating the Har Nof shul massacre. Porush was accompanied by regional council leader Brigadier-General (retired) Maada Hasbini and Amin Zahar. Zahar was Porush’s advisor on Druse community affairs when he (Porush) served as deputy minister of housing.

Family members told Porush of the values that were important to Zidan during his short life and that he was not supposed to be the first on the scene during the attack but his education and values learned in his home compelled him to respond as he did. The family asked Porush to assist them in commemorating their son’s name so his actions are not forgotten.

A community leader spoke of Porush’s actions from his tenure as deputy minister, and how much he did for the community and that he is a true friend who has proven himself.

Porush spoke of Moshe and the fact that his name was selected because of the mesirus nefesh of Batya who saved him and that acts of mesirus nefesh are not forgotten. Porush explained the Medrash says Moshe had nine names but he was called Moshe because of Pharaoh’s daughter explaining the two explanations; that there is reward for an act of chessed and Batya saved Moshe from the water and he cried and she cared for him. He added the second reason, that the Batya’s action required mesirus nefesh, which is reflected in the name and this is everlasting.

Porush continued, explaining the nation is experiencing a difficult period including an increase in acts of terror and that the mispallalim who were massacred were helpless on that fateful morning. Then cam Zidan, who exhibited courage and bravery and gave his life to stop the terrorists. Porush said “This is a covenant between us, to assist one another, to assist others, and this will never be forgotten just as the name Moshe is not forgotten”.

Porush promised to do everything possible to assist in perpetuating Zidan’s memory.

In a related matter, the senior Druse community spiritual leader reciprocated, making a trip from the north to Har Nof to visit the site where the massacre occurred and where Zidan was wounded by the terrorist gunfire, dying in a Jerusalem Hospital.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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