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YWN EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Rebbe of Bobov-45: We Will Assume The Distinction Of ‘Bobov-45’



As YWN reported last week, thousands of Chassidim participated in a monumental gathering organized by Bobov-45 last Tuesday. Only Chassidim who had gotten entry tickets beforehand were permitted to attend the gathering, and the three thousand seats filled up quickly. Buses transported Chassidim from all major neighborhoods, and the dais was filled with illustrious members of the Chassidus and with the revered offspring of the Bobover Rebbes zy”a.

At the event, the Rebbe announced that the Chassidus will be taking on the name “Bobov-45”.

“There are two sides before us – one dictates that we obey and one dictates that we should not obey. I plumbed the depths of this matter, together with my brother-in-law, HaGaon HaRav shlita, and we made the decision that we will do what our father-in-law, the Rav zt”l, would have done if he would have been faced with such a situation. It is clear as day that my father-in-law and his grandfathers, the Bobover Rebbes zt”l, would certainly have chosen the path that is closest to peace, as we have seen in their conduct throughout the years.

“Therefore, this is our decision – to go in the path that is closest to peace. This is not a degradation; this is the path of our forbears. This is the Bobover derech. But this only applies if there will be complete peace. I say this to those who are here and to those who are not here. We are taking this step only to attain peace, and only if there will be peace, will the verdict be obeyed…

“We will go with this distinction – 45 – and as I previously said, we do not view this as a degradation and this is not an accompanying title. Rather, it is a random distinction, and we should note that, linguistically, this signifies the path of the Rav zt”l – ‘vanachni mah’ (i.e. a path of humility, signified by the numerical equivalence of the word ‘mah’ which is 45).

In conclusion, the Rebbe spoke about the glory of the kehillah, with its multitude of branches internationally, and its many magnificent mosdos educating approximately 4,500 students.

To read a synopsis of what the Bobov Rebbe-45 said at the event, click HERE.

Below is an exclusive video of the Rebbes full drasha.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

4 Responses

  1. I heard about this speech over the last week but I’ve only gotten around to seeing it now. All I can say is: WOW! The grace and the positive attitude with which R Unger gave this speech is as, or more impressive than the contents of his speech. He didnt have a gabbai give it, he didn’t sugar coat it, he didn’t act like he’s holier than thou. He discussed this with his chasidim in a manner of a father talking with his children on how to make the righy decisions in life.. I’m jealous of bobov 45 that they have such a rebbe and manhig leading their kehilla. What a role model for bobov and for an yisrael!

  2. I hope this sets a good example for every Yid.

    Even when one disagrees with a Beis-Din, and in spite of so many people criticizing today’s Beis-Dins, one must still obey!

    Even if a Beis-Din is mistaking (or Heaven-forbid corrupt) it is still important to obey. (And let’s not forget that secular courts can also be flawed or corrupt. Often more so.)

    I have no doubt that when a losing party obeys the Beis-Din even when they should have won, Hashem will eventually compensate the wronged party generously.

  3. I agree this Rebbe is a man of valor! His eidelkeit and erlichkeit….his being there personally for every single Jew. He runs away from kavod .

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