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Litzman Wants Jerusalem Light Rail Expanded to Hadassah Hospitals

jlrnMK Yaakov Litzman visited the Jerusalem light rail system, including the depot and command center. The Yahadut Hatorah MK met with the CEO Mr. Yaron Ravid and other senior officials. Ravid detailed the success of the light rail to date. He explained 140,000 commuters are transported on the light rail on an average day, amounting to a quarter of the daily commuters of the city.

Ravid detailed the expansion plans for the future. Litzman explained that he has been fighting for the light rail project in the Knesset Finance Committee, admitting he has met formidable opposition. Litzman agrees the light rail is essential and it must be expanded to other areas of the city.

Litzman explained that he feels it is essential to expand the system towards Hadassah Hospitals in both Mount Scopus and Ein Kerem, a move he feels will significantly alleviate access for Jerusalemites.

Rabbi Litzman made a point of thanking senior light rail officials for maintaining an open ear to the needs of the chareidi community.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Litzman wants? This has been in the planning for years. Now Litzman wants to take credit for it in the charedi press? Disgusting.

  2. #1Hardly a big fan of Litzman myself …

    but litzman was the one who essentially ran the Health Ministry while the light rail was being built, and wished to have had it extended to the hospitals

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