HaRav Eliezer Shlomo Schick Of Breslov In Need Of Rachmei Shomayim; Family At His Bedside In NYC Hospital


yavHaRav Eliezer Shlomo Shick Shlita, known as the Tzaddik of Yavniel, has been hospitalized in NYC. The rav was hospitalized on Wednesday, 8 Shevat.

The rav’s condition began to deteriorate a number of days ago due to pneumonia. He was treated at home and the rav took part in tefilos on Shabbos. On Wednesday evening the rav complained that he was not feeling well. Hatzalah was summoned and he was transported to a local hospital. He was then flown to New York, where doctors discovered that he is in the late stages of Leukemia R”L.  His family and followers are currently at his bedside.

There is much concern in the northern community of Yavniel, as hi wife is also in need of Rachmei Shomayim – suffering from a serious illness herself.

Please be Mispallel for Eliezer Shlomo ben Malka.and Yachna Shifra bas Susiya.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)