HaRav Shalom Cohen: Don’t Vote Against HKBH


cohHaGaon HaRav Shalom Cohen Shlita spoke at an election gathering for the Shas party in the Orot Chaim U’Moshe Beis Medrash in Ashdod. The rav was traveling with another member of the Shas Torah Council, HaGon HaRav David Yosef Shlita as well as HaGaon Rav David Chananya Pinto.

Shas leader Aryeh Deri spoke of the difficult situation in Israel for the chareidi tzibur, then shifting gears and attacking Eli Yishai.

Rav Pinto announced followers of Maran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef ZT”L are compelled to vote for Shas.

Rabbi David Yosef spoke of the errors made in the last election and the lack of votes resulted in a major loss for the chareidi parties, and he hopes this time around there will be a lesson learned, namely the need for achdus.

Rav Cohen spoke for the need to vote for Shas, explaining that Shas is the only party that will work to be MeKadesh Shem Shomayim and this is what HKBH wants and expects of each person.

Rav Cohen called on participants to vote Shas for this is an obligation and every avreich must make sure of this and not making a mistake against HKBH.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It Will Be Wise Of Shas to stop attacking Eli Yishai. The more they bash him the more votes they lose. No one likes to hear chareidim attack other chareidim.

  2. Oh, come now. we existed for a few years without Shas and without Charadim in the Israeli government and no mosad went under because of lack of money from the government, no kollel disappeared because of lack of money from the government.

    b’kitzur, we don’t need Shas, we don’t need a ‘rasha’ to lead us. If Rav Ovadia called Deri a rasha, he meant it.

    The fact that Deri can convince so many rabbis that he is the tzaddik and Yishai is a renegade only emphasizes the need to vote Yishai.

  3. A Kidush Hashem would be to make sure the leader of your party was 100% clean so that no-one can accuse him of corruption, let alone using someone who is a convicted thief…

  4. Some people on this forum seem unable to internalise certain facts.

    1. Irrespective of the whom ome thinks who is right and who is wrong, internalise this, bar One and let me repeat that bar one significant Sephardi Rav ie Rav Mazuz all the other major Sephardi Rabbonim support Shas.
    2. Internalise this as fact as well, irrespective of whom one likes or dislikes. Shas and let me repeat that again, Shas is the party of Rav Ovadia.
    3. In Israel many people take Rav Shalom, not Shlomo Cohen seriously. He is the head of the flagship Sephardi Yeshiva Porat Yosef and is well respected in both the Sephardi and Haredi communities.
    4. Rav Ovadia did not call Deri a Rasha, in 2008 he said that it was not suitable to have Deri back.
    5. On the contrary – check it out for yourself, when Deri served his time Rav Ovadia was one of many leading Rabbi’s to greet him and proclaim his innocence.

    So when you gentleman above internalise this facts, please do come back with some serious comments so we can discuss matters as they are

  5. HaRav Shalom Cohen is a great Talmid Chacham and Yarei Shomayim.

    To Ch”V denigrate a Talmid Chacham of his caliber will cause graver consequences than any possible erroneous political calculation

    Even if one disagrees (as I do)with his conclusion , it must be done after weighing , with the utmost respect and gravitas.