Tonight: Teleconference for Frum Women in the Workplace


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“Just because I work in a frum office, does it mean my job is ‘kosher’?” “How do I react to a compliment by a frum male coworker?”

As more women enter the secular workforce, they are faced with challenges in balancing a profession while staying true to Torah values.  The latest initiative launched by HaSviva is a teleconference geared to tzniyus issues in the workplace. While people tend to view a frum office as a ‘safe haven’, there are many issues and challenges for those working in a frum environment and with frum people.

The upcoming teleconference will be held Sunday, February 22, at 8:30 pm EST, and will feature Rabbi Yosef Viener, shlita, noted posek and speaker on work-related issues, who will address questions and issues that are posed by participants. To register and submit your questions in advance, email [email protected], or call 845-263-9679.

HaSviva was established in response to the ever-growing need to support our frum women and girls in facing the spiritual challenges they meet in the workplace.  Women and girls across the country are enrolling in HaSviva’s Peer Support Groups.  Through networking and discussion with their peers, frum women gain the strength and insight to face any workplace challenges. HaSviva also provides mentors, resources, and well as teleconferences.

HaSviva is endorsed by Rabbanim and is run in conjunction with Agudah Women of America. To join a support group, or for more information, please contact HaSviva at 845-263-9679, or by email at [email protected].


  1.  “How do I react to a compliment by a frum female coworker?”
    “How do I react to the “”” pritzus”””of a frum female coworker”??