Lapid’s New Housing Solution that Does Not Include Zero VAT


lapFormer Finance Minister Yair Lapid stated that he will not make the same mistakes twice. As Lapid’s Yesh Atid party continues gaining momentum in election polls, Lapid presents his new and revised economic plan to alleviate the housing crisis.

The Zero VAT bill led to the collapse of the outgoing administration. The bill, which was Lapid’s flagship legislation, was opposed by the experts in the Finance Ministry, Bank of Israel and many other government branches.

Convening a media event at a construction site on Sunday, 3 Adar, Lapid told the media that his party’s platform includes the newly revised economic plan, which no longer includes the Zero VAT law. Lapid told the press “our goal is that each and every middle class couple wishing to town an apartment will get one and Yesh Atid will not rest until this is achieved”.

Lapid accused Prime Minister Netanyahu for an over 80% increase in the price of housing and this insists one must check the increase in housing costs as well as why the prime minister did his utmost to interfere with efforts to lower housing costs.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)