PHOTOS: Scene On Ocean Parkway And Ave P Where Natik Nisimov Z”L Was Found Murdered On Tuesday Morning (Photos By JDN)


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  1. This is another tragedy. We have another Jew killed. Frum, traditional, secular, whatever it may be, Furthermore, in Brooklyn, – AGAIN?!?!?!

    Davka Brooklyn in the SAME neighborhood? AGAIN?!

    7 Jewish children + 1 Jewish adult =8

    8 is beyond Teva, where Hashem has to force himself doing something he usually doesn’t want too. Who can explain why we had to have another Jew killed with the elements of Fire? (Gunpowder needs Sulpher which creates Fire)

    I think Hashem is trying to tell usthat we need to do something DAVKAin the Brooklyn community…

  2. what would happen if YWN would actually tell us something of the detail of what happen instead of some dumb pictures?

    Moderators Note: YWN posted a full article with details early in the morning – before we posted the dumb pictures.

  3. Natik (Nisim) always gave his last dollar and every ounce of his heart to everyone he loved. He was a good Jew who always stepped up for Jews in Brooklyn. He had a tremendous spirit. From the street to the highest academic level I have never met anyone that had so much kindness in my life. People can live 3 lifetimes and not accomplish the amount of good deeds that a person like Natik (Nisim) accomplished in his 29 years of life. Everyone goes through growing pains in their life and some go through it much harder than others (especially those from Brooklyn know how it is), and many can never relate to that or understand it, therefore they hate, rather than seeing the true person and who he really is. The arrests in his childhood were petty and he has no felonies or misdemeanors on his record. He had established a business at 25 years old and gave lots of charity to the community. Its envy and jealousy by others that condone the comments they do. Anyone with any negativity or misunderstanding of Natik is a person who never lived a rough life and understood what true pressure is like. Because many people go through that pressure and accomplish great things in life. True pressure is when it’s a matter of life and death. Not an exam, a political speech, or a simple case of anxiety, because those become a part of the daily life of its doer. It is someone who is truly devoted to willingly give his life and heart for those they love in order for them to be better. I have met many accomplished men in their lives but many of them have a character that fails. True morals and ethics become a past and that person becomes a part of a system that he fears and simply becomes a “tool”. They can never take that extra mile, it’s just not in their makeup. You would never feel the amount of GENUINE LOYALTY AND LOVE that you felt from Natik, because he never had that fear to open up and show it to you. His dream was to make everyone else’s life better, to make money in order to help his family and friends. He was a person you can always call at any time and he would always be there to put a smile on your face and let you feel how good life is no matter how bad things may have been. Never whined or complained about any of his problems and always held his stress and his problems inside. By the way all the over exaggerations of him doing things when he was young are strictly over exaggerated. Yes none of us were perfect growing up but he definitely did not do what people are labeling him as. Haters will always have an excuse to try and blemish a soul like his, but there ignorance of the truth will always keep them in their box. And in every religion it is stated that those who speak badly about good people who passed will suffer that karma. Or basic ethics should allow a person to understand that it’s disrespectful and cowardly. Especially those who spew the kind of foolish and senseless negativity seen in some of the articles. They are simply cowards to go online and talk bad about someone who passed. I don’t know how they can be so cowardly and shameful, it must feel rotten sitting behind the keyboard and spewing hate about a good person that passed. His level of love, loyalty, and kindness is not taught on any academic level, and no ethics course can explain his sincerity to his loved ones. This is a genetic code that only gets sequenced through a special pool. A soul given to few. G-D sees everything and nothing goes unpunished. May he rest in Peace. G-D Bless you Natik (Nisim).

    And G-d Bless all of my Jewish Brothers and Sisters.