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Israel: ‘Charoses’ Flavored Chalav Yisroel Ice Cream for Pesach

314her than genuine Mideast humus, there may be very little in the kosher food industry that is available in Israel and not in the USA. Ben & Jerry’s in Israel is adding one item to that limited list in honor of Pesach. The new ice cream is truly unique, with a cream base with added vanilla flavor and 10% charoses.

The product comes in a 500ml container and it is chalav yisrael under the supervision of the OU and Badatz Machzikei Hadas (Belz), certified kosher for Pesach and it does not contain kitnios.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Define Haroses! is it the Western standby of apple cinnamon nut, fig date syrup, date spice paste, fermented mango, or my favorite pear honey mint pecan?

  2. We’ve been trying to buy it for the novelty of it and it is sold out everywhere we’ve been, with lots of other people looking too.

  3. I just bought it tonight to see what all the fuss is about. It’s OK – has the taste but not much of it. I give it 7/10.

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