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How Do Israelis Feel About Having Chareidim in the Coalition?

yahA poll commissioned by the Hiddush NGO carried out by the Rafi Smith Institute shows most Israelis would prefer seeing the new coalition that excludes chareidim.

According to the poll, 62% of the Jewish population of Israel prefers forming a coalition that excludes the chareidi parties and includes the centrist and left-wing parties. Only 38% back the formation of a coalition built on right-wing and chareidi parties.

A breakdown of the statistics shows that 96% of the non-frum voters and new immigrants, 95% of the traditional respondents, and 73% of the religious respondents prefer the chair of the Knesset Finance Committee being placed in the hands of the Kulanu party and not Yahadut Hatorah. 93% of Ashkenazi chareidim favor giving it to Yahadut Hatorah.

The pollsters questioned voters from all the parties that will be entering the 20th Knesset. The results; 100% of Kulanu voters, 88% of Likud voters, 94% of Yisrael Beitenu voters, and 84% of Bayit Yehudi voters want the committee place in the hands of Kulanu and not Yahadut Hatorah.

A somewhat surprising figure – only 87% of voters of chareidi parties want to see the committee placed in the hands of Yahadut Hatorah.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Before anyone begins to DARSHEN on this, keep in mind how reliable and useful the polls were in the recent election. Some how or other they always gave the results the paymaster wanted. So now an anti Torah, foreign funded organizations with no indigenous Israeli membership wants us to believe that most of the public wants to place their trust into the hands of a sectarian political party that only 8% of the public voted for. And of course they are telling us all this only from the goodness of their hearts and not because they have any animosity towards the Hareidim for thwarting every effort they have made in Israel.

    Aryeh Zelasko

  2. Wow!

    A reform ( or deformed) Torah denying lobby group puts out a poll which indicated Secular Jews distaste for Orthodox Jews. What a chiddush(sic)

    Take it with a grain of salt. Why are we giving them any publicity.

  3. Who said Chareidim will be in the coalition? Netanyahu could take Lapid’s Yesh Atid instead, the same as he did last time excluding Chareidim.

  4. Wait! Please wait! I thought we figured out last week that the polls in Israel only reflect the opinions ov the left?
    Nothing more than the left trying to get into the govermnent. Polls don’t vote, people do and the voted to put and end to the scapegoating of one group and instead take decisive action.

  5. 1. The way you ask and conduct a poll often determines the outcome, and that sounded like a very leading question.

    2. If very few Israelis wanted a left-center-securlar coaltion, why did they vote for a right-religious Kenesset, suggesting the polls accuracy (or lack thereof) is indicated by how it conflicts with the election results.

    3. That most secular Israeli hate Bnei Torah is well established. Asking them if they approve of Yidden in the government would be like going around Germany in the 1930s and asking Nazis if they approved of Jews.

  6. nowecant: Mishpacha magazine commissioned a poll, using a Chareidi polling company, that showed that the Chiloni public has very positive attitudes toward Chareidim. What the public had problems with is Chareidi politicians, not the people themselves.

    The biggest shock to me upon making Aliyah was how poor and divisive Chareidi politicians actually are and that many have very poor people skills when dealing with the general public.

    Also, it’s very hard to form a coalition with all the conflicting demands from all the political parties. People need to start thinking of the greater good instead of their own personal power wants. Otherwise, we will ch’v end up with a “unity” government and new elections in another year and more of a disaster for the Chareidim and all of our safety too.

  7. While Kulanu won 10 seats & UTJ WON 6 seats — Why oh why would the finance ministry be given to MK Gafni instead of MK kachlon?

    Think any poll taken anywhere (except in Geula) would give the same results for the Finance Ministry..

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