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BREAKING: U.S. National Guardsman And His Cousin Accused of Trying To Join ISIS

terrorThe FBI has arrested two men — one of them a current member of the Illinois National Guard — for allegedly trying to join ISIS, the brutal terrorist group wreaking havoc in Syria and Iraq, authorities said.

Army National Guard Specialist Hasan Edmonds, 22, was arrested at Chicago Midway International Airport as he was trying to fly to Egypt, according to authorities. His cousin, Jonas Edmonds, 29, was arrested at his home.

Both men are from Aurora, Illinois, and will be appearing in federal court later today.


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  1. United States National Guard Specialist Hasan Edmonds wanted to join ISIS so he could murder people.
    Let’s remember that Mr. Obama has told us that all the Muslim terrorists are not really Muslims.
    If so, then does that mean that Hasan Edmonds was not really a United States National Guard Specialist?

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