Facebook Page Makes Drastic Changes Following Release of OJPAC Video


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Capture30The ‘BLOCK the BLOCK VOTE’ Facebook page unabashedly aimed its venom at the Orthodox Community of Rockland County and beyond. It openly blamed Orthodox Jews for Rockland’s ‘entire’ financial catastrophe. The name of the page, its profile and background photos, its bio, description, and many posts created a breeding ground for anti-Orthodox bigotry.

After OJPAC publicly called out the page through a video named ‘The Jew in Rockland’, the bio of that Facebook page, its description, and profile photo have been replaced; some hateful posts removed; a strict comment policy announced, and a number of users have been banned from posting. All of these are positive steps, but the remaining background photo, in addition to its infamous history leave no doubt who the target of that page is: Orthodox Jews

Too many politicians, communal activists and members of the media look the other way as the decibel level of hatred against Orthodox Jews grows to an intolerable volume. Unfortunately, some of those who remain silent in the face of open bigotry  decided to launch an attack, not on the disgraceful crime of anti-semitism itself but on the watchdog that shed light on the bigotry and brought it to the public’s attention. That is, with all due respect, not leadership; but cowardice.

OJPAC is fully committed to working with responsible leaders and individuals who wish to improve inter-community relations. We will also continue to monitor media sites, blog and chat rooms and call out those entities and individuals that direct hate at Orthodox Jews. OJPAC thanks those who publicly and privately supported our successful effort in this specific matter.

The video can be seen below:


  1. Block the bloc vote has a leadership full of nortorious anti-semites. Some of the plain ‘ole vanilla variety hating all Jews equally. And then some Uncle Tom’s who hate the Orthodox, that the traditional anti-semites lean on to “prove” they ain’t no Jew-haters since they got some Jew-hating-Jews with them.

  2. The spelling error at the end is just terrible rabosai! “Wining”????? Now, a neutral observer watching this video will be left with that thought rather than the message. Ugh

  3. Very interesting comment by this guy…..he seems to be Hispanic. The Hispanics are working non-stop now before Pesach and are raking in the $$$$….I don’t think these jobs are happening in the non-Orthodox Jewish communities. They don’t like working for us====then don’t!!!!!!!!! No-one is putting a gun to their heads forcing them to work for us!!!!

  4. I was disgusted by this video. Nobody is calling for what Hitler called for, and the comparison disgraces the memory of the millions who perished in real Nazi rule. Despite the few incidents of minor anti- semitism, we are still way better off than most of jewish history. By blatant exageration, they lose credibility on calling out the relativly minor incidents we have only recently had the luxury of doing without.
    It’s ok to complain about this site, just don’t invoke the holocaust.