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Kulanu Willing to Meet with Likud Coalition Negotiators

kahKulanu party head Moshe Kahlon to date refused to enter into coalition talks with Likud negotiators after hearing the control of the Knesset Finance Committee has been given to Yahadut Hatorah. During the election campaign Kahlon stated he would not enter any coalition unless appointed finance minister. While receiving the post, he objects to the prime minister’s decision to hand over control of the finance committee to another party. Kahlon explains that in order to implement his fiscal plan he requires control over the finance committee too.

Kahlon also seeks control over the Israel Lands Administration as well as the Interior Ministry’s Planning Committee towards implementing what he calls sweeping economic reforms.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. So he wants to control both the Finance Ministry, and also the committee in charge of oversight over the Finance Ministry.

    And if Likud and Labor were to form a joint government, he might get to be Head of the Opposition.

    It seems the other nationalists parties are trying to see how much they can push Netanyahu until he gives up and forms a national unity government (which according to polls, is what most Israelis favor, and would probably result in Likud have more control of the government than they would with “allies” in charge).

  2. i dont get the whole article.
    the title is “Kulanu Willing to Meet with Likud Coalition Negotiators” but the first sentence is, “Moshe Kahlon to date refused to enter into coalition talks with Likud negotiators”

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